Sexy Fill-in-the-Blank Card Game

Print out this page and cut out the cards. Spend some time together picking from the jar and reading the card you chose...don't forget to fill in the blanks!

Tell your partner something you'de love to do to them.

I'de love to ________________
If I were to be alone with you in a hotel room for one night and I could only bring one thing it would be

You look really sexy when you wear

The one piece of lingerie I'de love to see you wear is ___________________
The best sexy surprise you could do for me would be to ___________________
I wish we did more ___________________ in bed.
I absolutely LOVE when you kiss my ______________________
My favorite sexual memory of us is

I love imagining you

I love when you tell me

It would really turn me on if you

I love your (insert a part of your lover's body), because ___________________
Something new I'de like to try is

Read these two sentences to your partner and fill in the blanks as you go

I love when you ___________________
I'de love if you ___________________