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Spice Up Your Love Letters

Love letters are a wonderful way to express your feelings to
someone. They are not hard to create, if you give it some
thought. Be sincere, a little unique, and you’ll certainly bring
a smile to your love’s face and a joyous flutter to the heart.

No Canned Poetry

“What does that mean?” Everyone copies some
romantic verse from a famous author to put in their love letters.
Be different and original. Write a poem yourself. Or if you’re
not talented at that sort of thing, simply put down a few lines
from the heart about how you feel.

Use a Blank Card

Instead of adding your verse to a card that
already has a saying in it, or putting it on a blank piece of
paper, try using a blank card. You can get something with a
romantic picture on the front, then include your personally
written verse on the inside (written in your own hand; don’t type
it). If you’re afraid of messing up, write it on a piece of
paper first, then cut the paper to size, and tape or glue it in
the card. That way if you make a mistake, you can try again on
another piece of paper, without ruining the card.

Leave a Note in a Secret Place

Leave a love note somewhere
your partner will find it when you’re not around. Let your love
enjoy it in private. It will be a wonderful surprise. And you’ll
most likely get a wonderful surprise in return.

Don’t Send an Anonymous Letter

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Although it may seem romantic,
with the world as it is today, an anonymous letter may cause the
uncomfortable feeling of being stalked. Your love might begin to
wonder if it’s from someone who’s affection and attention is not

Include a Small Present

Include something that can be put
inside the card or letter. A pressed flower. A small, flat
pendant – like a gold heart. A memento from someplace special
you two went on a date, perhaps with the word “remember” printed
on it.

Good luck with your love letters. I’m sure there are lots of
other ideas you can come up with on your own. Create lots of
romance and have fun!

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