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Daily Relationship Checklist: How to Show Love Every Day

In the whirlwind of our daily lives, it’s easy to assume our partners know how we feel. Yet, amidst the hustle, expressing our love, appreciation, and connection often gets lost.

This daily relationship checklist isn’t just a guideā€”it’s a compass, directing us to actively engage in the vital facets of our relationship each day.

1. Express Your Love

Never let a day pass without the one you love hearing those three cherished words. Verbal affirmations shouldn’t be taken for granted, even amidst familiarity.

2. Show Appreciation

Think about something your love did for you that you can appreciate, and thank them. Maybe today it’s not something they did, but something about who they are…a great role model for your kids, generous, the type of person who sticks up for the little guy. Gratitude fuels connection.

3. Offer Random Affection

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Touch is a language of its own. A random act of affection could be squeezing their hand, rubbing their arm, scratching their back, a kiss on the cheek. We wrote an entire articled filled with ideas for a random act of affection.

4. Apologize if Needed

Recognize when a clean slate is needed and check out this article about how to apologize.

5. Savor a Sensual Kiss

Have you fallen into the pattern of just a quick peck? Lame…

Don’t settle for fleeting kisses, indulge your lover with at least a 10 second kiss every day.

6. Give Meaningful Compliments

Especially if your sweetie’s love language is words of affirmation they will appreciate a sincere compliment.

We wrote some tips about 10 ways to compliment a man. A genuine compliment can brighten their day.

7. Uninterrupted Conversation

Thirty minutes of quality time talking – unhurried, undistracted and utterly essential for your bond.

This checklist isn’t a burden; it’s a daily investment in the most important relationship in your life.

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