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Get Romantic With Board Games!

Athena and I like to play all sorts of games – cards, Backgammon, Chinese Checkers and even Chess. Staying home and playing games is a relaxing and inexpensive date night for us.

Chess particularly can be a “serious” sort of game. There is a whole lot more strategy and thought with that game. Sometimes chess should be more fun.

To combat the all too serious attitude about chess I came up with a great way to bring a bit of levity to the game. I created little tags to put on the bottom of chess pieces. The tags were basically “rewards” for capturing that piece.

So when Athena captured my Rook, she turned it over and found out that she was awarded a five-minute back rub. When I took her Queen, I got one night off of making dinner (yes, I usually prepare most of the dinners).

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The tags are randomly placed under the pieces so capturing a Pawn might gain you a better prize than a Bishop. I even created a couple of tags for each side that allowed the conqueror to take back one of their pieces.

Bobby Fischer probably wouldn’t like my game of chess, but Athena and I sure do.

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Michael Webb

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