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Create a Romantic Bedroom

To help add romance to your bedroom I’ve compiled a list of Things You Need and Bedroom Rules. Share this article with your partner, or use its suggestions as a wonderful surprise.

Have Fun!

Things you Need:


A great way to tell your partner that you’re feeling romantic is by having a few lit when he/she comes to bed. Keep some candles beside the bed and around the room as decorations, and pull out the matches when you’re looking to set the mood. Candles also perform double duty because they cast a wonderful, sexy glow on your skin!

Note: some people have allergies to scented candles, or really just don’t like scents. Ask your loved one which they prefer.

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Massage Oil

Be sure to keep a bottle of nice massage oil by the bed. If your partner has had a long day you can offer him or her a relaxing massage before going to bed. Click here for Massage Tips

Romantic Music

…accompanied with a portable mini-stereo. Perhaps you could make a CD or tape of your favorite love songs, or buy one for your sweetheart as a gift.

Black and/or Red Light Bulbs

These create an effect similar to candles, you will start to feel romantic just by having them on in the room. The light is very dim and will either cast a dark blue/black or redish/pink shadow, depending on the color bulb you use.

By the way, red lights are common among stripers and models, because the colors make their skin look flawless and tanned.

Big Fluffy Pillows

…and a big fluffy duvet! Imagine how cosey and inviting a warm bed covered with pillows and a thick blanket would be.

Besides, there are lots of things you can do with extra pillows. :)

The Right Sheets

Flowers and bows and Teddy Bears aren’t romantic or sexy. Ultra-soft cottons, satins and cashmeres are. The higher the thread count the softer the sheet is meant to be…egyptian cotton ranks as one of the softest around.

A Luxurious Bed

You know how it is when you stay at a nice hotel: the bed is so inviting you want to hop right in and never get out! Just looking at it can be an aphrodisiac! The next time you’re in a bed like that notice what exactly it is that makes the bed so inviting…and try to recreate this at home. I mentioned nice pillows and sheets above, but perhaps you and your love could add to that. Something to think about…

Carpet or a Mat

Avoid cold feet between the sheets by having something soft and plush to put your feet on when coming to bed, and when leaving in the morning.

Bedroom Rules:

No TV!

Does your partner stay up late watching TV in the bedroom while you would rather be doing something else? Unplug the television and send it to another room in the house (give it to the kids, it will keep them distracted). Someone once told me that a bed should only be for sleeping and making love. Without the TV in the way you and your partner will have more time to do just that.

Remove any other Distractions

Don’t leave unpaid bills laying around on the dresser, unplug the phone, lock the door and tell the kids to go watch their new TV.

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