How to Write a Mini Loveletter

What is a mini love letter?

It is a short letter usually consisting of 1 to 3 sentences.

It can be sent on a physical scented paper, an email or even a text message. It is even more effective when the mini love letter is written in an unconventional medium such as on a pencil, bottle, tree bark you picked up and even on a piece of nice cloth.

When a mini love letter is written in an unconventional medium, it becomes a treasure. Mini love letters are easy reading. A one sentence statement conveys strong feelings and images especially to the recipient.

Why are mini love letters effective?

Well, if you think about it, mini love letters are a multi-billion dollar industry already, your greeting cards are mini love letters!

Notice how many words or phrases are there in the cards which you will easily pay $3 dollars to as much as $15 per card? Those cards are mini love letters written for you and you just have to pick one out.

Although, it is a nice gesture, the problem with those is that your recipient knows that you bought it. So, the best mini love letters are those that come from your thoughts, your heart and those you created yourself.

If you use a very unconventional medium, the mini love letter becomes even more pleasurable to the recipient. With an unconventional medium, your mini love letters show you made an effort, which will automatically radiate from it, and the recipient will recognize that instantly.

The best type of mini love letters must invoke positive emotion. Of course mini love letters can be used to express apology or regret but never to express disappointment or anger. So, two pointers in writing a mini love letter are:

– The best one is those thought up by yourself,

– It must be funny, romantic, a positive thought.

There is an easier way to write mini love letters i.e. to take some hints from other well written ones. But a word of caution, never copy it wholesale. The recipient will know and sometimes can become damaging.

Even if the mini love letter turns out not very well written, you mini love letter will show you made an effort, which is more important than the actual words itself. If you chose to copy the words, state where you get it and it will better. Honesty is the best policy here.

Before you go and find some ideas, think about your feelings which you want to express. There may be several, pick one or two which you like to express now.

By narrowing down your wants, it will make your search a little easier. Then look at places where you can get some ideas and here are some sample places where you can get some interesting ideas.

  • Greeting cards.
  • Poems
  • Songs
  • Famous sayings (be sure that you cite the author, if taken wholesale)
  • Samples letters
  • Love story books
  • Love websites.
  • Books especially those that deal with relationships.
  • Book titles.

Pick out a few sentences from a variety of sources which express your feelings. You then have to rewrite them in your own words. Take out phrases from those sentences and combine them and play around with them until the final mini love letter expresses what you feel.

The final part is the most important – where to write them. Traditionally and conventionally, you would write them on a card or a piece of paper. Even on a card or a piece of paper, you can make it your very own to show you made an effort.

Another very interesting thought is why not write it on unconventional medium?