Random Acts of Affection

Random Acts of Affection

Most of us know all about random acts of kindness, and have probably done a few during our lifetime.

Maybe you gave someone the extra change they needed at the convenience store, or maybe you let a tired mother ahead of you in line at the grocery store.

Random acts of kindness make others feel good, and that – in turn – makes us feel good. Random Acts of Affection work in the same way, its going to be win-win.

A Random Act of Affection is just that, being affectionate towards your partner for no reason and at completely spontaneous times.

Why should cuddling and kissing be limited to certain situations, such as after sex or while watching a movie?

Maybe some of you reading this are in a new relationship and still in the “Can’t keep your hands off each other” phase. Well, when all the newness dies down there is really no excuse for no longer being affectionate with your love on a regular basis. How much time does it take to kiss your sweetheart on the back of the neck while they are cooking supper, for example?

I guarantee that your partner will love receiving your Random Acts of Affection, it may even inspire them to start sending some your way.

When you are affectionate with your partner on a regular basis you are setting the overall tone of your relationship to be more positive and intimate. Instead of time making you more and more like two roommates, Random Acts of Affection help insure that you will always be two lovers.

Below are some excellent Random Acts of Affection you can try on your love.

  • Hug your partner from behind while they are brushing their teeth, washing the dishes or making supper.
  • Take your partner’s hand while walking together
  • Play slow music and ask your spouse to dance
  • While your partner is seated to talk on the phone or read a book walk by and stop to kiss him or her on the forehead
  • Share a full mouth kiss with your love as soon as you walk in the door and whenever you leave
  • Sneak up on your love and nuzzle your face in their hair or neck
  • Run fingers through your love’s hair, or rest your hand on his/her back while waiting in a long line up.
  • Hold hands across the table while eating dinner
  • Rest your head on his chest while watching a movie (even if it is a movie theatre)
  • Hold hands while driving together
  • Soothingly rub your love’s leg while sitting beside him or her
  • Place your hand on the small of her back while walking
  • Enthusiastically hug her from the side and plant a kiss on her cheek for no reason
  • Caress your partner’s face or arms while talking
  • Invade your partner’s side of the bed for some cuddling tonight before falling asleep
  • Offer to brush her hair
  • Offer to shave his face
  • Touch your partner in some way every time you walk by them. It could be a hand brushing across the shoulder or back, grasping their hand then letting it slide away, tosselling their hair or a quick kiss.
  • Cuddle up to your love while they are watching TV
  • Watch your love while they are reading the newspaper or otherwise engaged in concentration, when they look up and make eye contact smile and say “I love you”, or “You are so beautiful”.
  • When she puts on a new outfit that you like be sure to admire her with your eyes, say “Wow”, then take her hand and twirl her around playfully. Finish it off with a kiss.
  • Gather her up in your arms and hug for no reason other than you because love her so much