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Why Men Don’t Call

One of the things I had a lot of fun sharing on radio shows is my list of Five Reasons Nice Men Don’t Call. Here’s what men have told me about why they don’t call…

1. She said too much

Men tell me that many women go into way too much detail about their past relationships, especially of a sexual nature. Men don’t want to hear it, even if they ask you to tell them.

2. She talked about all the bad things every man ever did to her

…and she blames me. Men hate it when a woman blames them for what some jerk before them did to her. It’s like they’re guilty until proven innocent.

3. She’s angry at men

She’s got a chip on her shoulder about men and carries a bit of anger toward all men…simply because they’re men. This is a variation on #2 but it’s about men in general, rather than specific men and incidences.

4. She lacks all the qualities he’s looking for

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Most any woman’s list of expectations regarding men, marriage, and relationships is pretty long. Consequently, most women settle for a man that lacks some of the qualities she was looking for.

A man’s list is very short. For example, if a man’s list of what he’s looking for in that special woman is four items long, if one item is missing, that’s one/quarter of what he needs. If it’s missing, he’s gone…without an explanation.

5. She has sex too soon

Yes, most men want to get a woman into bed as soon as possible. But, if a woman he’s really interested in has sex with him too soon, he quits calling because he figures if she did it with him so easily, she probably did with others, equally soon in the relationship.

It’s a double standard, of course, but I’m just reporting the news. And ladies, don’t say, “I don’t usually have sex so soon”. He won’t believe it, even if it’s true. He’s heard it before.

He wants to think you’re kind of pure, and maybe only had sex with the few men you were truly in love with. Wait until you think this man could become Mr. Right. He’ll respect your desire to wait. If not, isn’t it nice to find out now.

Those are some reasons nice men don’t call back. I hope this sheds some light on why men do those frustrating things they do. Good luck… and enjoy.

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Kara Oh

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