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Be Romantic at School

For some of you, the only time you can see your boy or girlfriend is at school. With very little time to spend together trying to be romantic may seem like a daunting task. But don’t get discouraged, you don’t need certain situations to be romantic, you can create romance anywhere! So, if you’re young and in love and a hopeless romantic, then read on for some great ways to be romantic even if you only see each other at school!

Note: I use the words “he” and “she” interchangeably, all the tips below apply to both genders.

Leave little notes in his/her locker

If this is your boyfriend and he shares his locker with someone else, than this is not such a good idea. If his buddy finds the mushy letter before he does, your boyfriend will never hear the end of it. By the way, you don’t need his locker combination, just slip the note between the cracks of the door. what to write on a love note

Write a message in frosting

Bake cookies or some other dessert he likes and bring some to school for him. If you want to get creative use the frosting to write words to him on the food (ie: “I love you”, “xoxo”, “_____ loves _____”, etc.)

Treat him to his favorite snack

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You could also bring him a bag of his favorite chips or candy, or his favorite chocolate bar. If you go with a chocolate bar, unwrap the wrapper carefully before giving it to him and write a love note on the inside of the wrapper. Then fold it back up and as long as he opens the bar carefully he will see your note. If you have his locker combination you could sneak any of the above snacks into his locker, this works great if he gets embarrassed when other people see you present him with a heart shaped cupcake. :)

Write a love note in her notebook

If you can get your hands on one of her notebooks secretly write little messages for her throughout it. She will find them when studying and taking notes in class. Girls love this. what to write on a love note

Create a secret “I love you” code

Create a secret code that means “I love you”. Ideally this is a hand guesture, such as rubbing your nose or tapping your forehead. Use this to say those three magic words anytime…including in front of his friends. It will be your little secret.

Be a gentleman at all times

Open the door for her, help her carry her books, step aside and let her walk through doorways first, walk her to class and/or home after school, let her order her lunch before you at the cafeteria, get her more ketchup or napkins if you see that she needs some, hold her hand while walking together…

Spend lunch alone together

Spend some of your lunch breaks alone together, go for a walk outside, find a private place in the park to sit and talk and eat your food.

Meet up at a secret place

Try this little trick that a friend of mine did with her high school sweetheart: make plans to both ask to be excused from class at a certain time (works only if you are in different classes). Have a private meeting place arranged and go there to exchange some sweet kisses before dashing back to class. Great meeting places include an out-of-the-way hall, a stairwell, an empty classroom, outside, under the stairs, a bathroom.

Use the phone to be romantic

If you are able to talk on the phone blow kisses to each other by giving the receiver a quick “peck”. Or, call her just to say goodnight. Or, watch the sunrise/sunset/eclipse together while talking on the phone (just don’t get busted for being on the phone too late).

What to write on love notes

  • I miss you
  • Good luck on your test today!
  • Meet me in our secret spot today at 2:15
  • You looked so cute today at break
  • Just because I wanted to say “HI!”
  • I love you
  • xoxoxoxoxo
  • Smile, someone loves you
  • Guess who loves you?
  • a funny joke
  • a love quote, find some here
  • a newspaper or magazine clipping of an article that would interest him
  • a picture of you doing something funny
  • your lip prints (put on red lipstick first)
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