Sexy & Creative Ways to Kiss Their Ears

How to Kiss Your Partner's Ears

Has your partner told you that one of their favorite places to be kissed is their ears?

Don’t know where to start, or what to do? Then read on for some kissing techniques to use on your sweetie’s ears.

When you want to go from kissing their lips to kissing their ear don’t just stop kissing their lips then start kissing their ear. Keep in contact with their skin by tracing up their jawbone with your tongue and quick, little kisses.

Their jawbone leads up to that sexy little area behind their earlobe that is often ignored. When you get there flicker your tongue behind their earlobe in that crevice between the back of the lobe and their skin.

Follow that with a few kisses then try any of the tips below.

Tips for Kissing Their Ears

  1. Moisten the tip of your tongue and use it to gently trace around the rim of your partner’s ear
  2. Flicker your tongue on, under, and around their earlobe
  3. Take their earlobe between your lips and suck on it for a moment before slowly releasing it
  4. Take their earlobe very gently between your front teeth and slowly pull your teeth down the lobe until it is released from your mouth
  5. Trace their ear with your tongue so that it becomes moist, then blow softly on the moistened skin. This will give your partner a cool, tingly, sensation. Suck in air instead of blowing for a hot sensation. Note: be careful about blowing in their ear canal, it can be very painful!
  6. The ear has two “rims”. The outer rim and another rim inside it, closer to the ear canal. Use your tongue to prod and lick between and on the two rims.
  7. Whisper sweet nothings or sexy somethings in their ear while kissing them. Try: “mmmmm…you smell so good.” or “I love you (insert their name here)” or “You drive me crazy” or “I love kissing you.” or, if appropriate, just tell your partner how turned on you are.

Don’t Do This When Kissing Their Ears

  • Avoid actually sticking your tongue into their ear canal. Some people love this, others think it is gross, find out which category your kissing partner falls into before trying this move.
  • Don’t kiss directly on the opening of your partner’s ear canal. The sound it makes can be surprisingly painful when applied over one’s ear canal.

Written by Kristy Yorkel
Kristy lives in Chicago, when she's not at her day job she loves to write, dance (last we heard she was taking salsa lessons!) and teach yoga.