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The Art of the Slow, Gentle Kiss

This is a wonderful and intimate kiss to share with your love. It’s my personal favorite, and I definitely recommend it as your first kiss with a new partner.

Below is an example of the “slow, gentle kiss” that you can try, and make variations of:

You’re looking into each other’s eyes, your bodies are close and you know she wants you to kiss her. You slowly lean your head forward and rest your forehead on hers, maintaining eye contact the whole time. Your gaze is intense and you glance down to look at her lips.

Gently and Slowly you lift her chin with the tip of your second finger, until her face is uplifted towards yours. Take your time, build up the suspense! Lick your lips and glance at hers, you’re still holding her chin in your hand, her heartbeat quickens.

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Now, you dip your head as if to kiss her, close your eyes and very subtly and softly brush your lips across hers, but don’t kiss her. As your lips brush across to her cheek, pause and softly inhale the smell of her, tell her (in a whisper) how nice she smells.

Next, slowly come back to her lips, just barely touch her lips with yours and look her in the eyes. Now you can kiss her, close your eyes again and start slowly.

Exhale a soft sigh of relief that says without words “mmmm…it is so nice to be kissing you, this feels so good…”

Just barely kiss her at first, then kiss more of her lips, then kiss her fully.

Wow…is it hot in here?

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