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The guy I’m dating doesn’t open doors for me, in the car or at a restaurant and it’s bugging me. How do I let him know I’m a lady and want to be treated special when we go out?

Shawna’s Answer:

You can handle this in a variety of ways.

First, act and dress like a lady if you want to be treated like one. I don’t mean all stuffy and covered up either. But there are lots of messages a person sends with their apparel and body language.

Second, if you want him to open the car door for you try this little thing: When you get to your destination and he stops the car and gets out, take your purse and put it on your lap and start to go through it as you continue to sit in the car. Put on some lipstick, check your face, whatever. When he gets tired of waiting for you outside he will come over and open the door even if just see what is taking you so long. This is the moment! Be sincere and smile a smile that will let him know he just did something great. Then compliment him! Say something like, “Wow! You’re such a gentleman!” or “I love it when you open the door for me, it makes me feel great.”

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Unless he is really dense it shouldn’t take him long to figure out how you want to be treated. The hard part is to begin to wait and allow him to get used to taking better care of you.

For the door situation, when you are coming to the door take his arm in a loving way, slow your pace a bit so he gets to the door just a tab bit ahead of you but don’t let go of his arm. As he opens the door it’s a natural for you to go through first and then you smile that “You’re the best thing!” smile and he should catch on quick. Hope this helps! It has worked for me!

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