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10 Ways to Light His Fire

1. Tell him how glad you are that he is part of your life, and how lucky you are to have him.

2. Tell him that you love him just the way he is and that you wouldn’t trade him for any other man in the world.

3. Don’t criticize, evaluate, or give advice of any kind unless he asks for help.

4. Touch him every single day – starting today.

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5. The next time he makes a suggestion, follow it.

6. Ask for what you want. Make it easy for him to meet your needs.

7. Don’t send mixed messages. Be honest with what you tell him.

8. Notice his physical appearance and compliment him.

9. Give him a back rub and tell him how special he is to you.

10. Replace your lamp’s light bulb with a red bulb and have a night of passion.

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Ellen Kreidman

Ellen Kreidman is the author of "Light Her Fire", a truly awesome book! Men, check out "Light Her Fire". As a teacher, author, and seminar speaker on relationships for over 18 years, Dr. Ellen Kreidman is dedicated to enriching people's lives and improving relationships around the world.

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