Author: Sara Reed

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Cheap Dates

So, you managed to get a date with the cutie who works at the local coffee shop. Now you just need to make the plans. “Oh no,” you think, “I have to take her somewhere really nice. And that means somewhere really expensive! And I’m broke!”. Who’s to say that every date must involve an expensive dinner, followed by a movie? Believe it or not, some of the best dates are free (or pretty close to it)! These free dates allow you to get to know your dating partner in a fun, easy going atmosphere. Isn’t that what you want?

1. Take a hike in a nature park

Cost: free, some parks do charge a couple bucks admission

Why it is a good date: the atmosphere is relaxed, awkward silences aren’t so awkward, opportunities to talk are abundant, and there is lots to talk about…the huge trees, the beautiful waterfall, the lush green grass.

Keep in mind: be sure that your date likes to hike. You may love the wilderness, but if your date doesn’t then this could be a flop.

2. Go Rollerblading

Cost: free if you both have skates

Why it is a good date: conversation is not strained and silences aren’t awkward at all. If you are both athletic doing something like this allows you to bond over something positive, which will cause both parties to feel more attracted to each other. You get to laugh together a lot when the other loses their balance or skates right into a fence.

Keep in mind: If the woman isn’t so good at skating it is a good thing because the man gets to be protective of her and help her. Men like to help, women like being taken care of. However, if the man can’t skate and the woman is really good, then she will spend the time worrying about him, and taking care of him in a motherly way. This will not allow him to express his masculinity by taking care of her, and her to feel feminine in being protected. This has the potential to smother any spark between the two. I’ve seen it happen.

3. Go Sight-Seeing in Your Own City

Cost: free

Why it is a good date: because it is very fun! Besides, think of all the talking you will be able to do, say goodbye to awkward silences! You will be able to talk about when you visited the attraction as a child, how neat that particular attraction is, what you like about it, what other things you want to see, your favorite places, etc.

Keep in mind: certain attractions cost money to visit, call ahead of time to find out what the admission prices are and plan your tour around the ones that are free or within your budget.

4. Go out for Coffee

Cost: less than $5, more if you buy a dessert

Why it is a good date: this is a quick date, you won’t be stuck together for an evening or day if the attraction is just not there. If the attraction is there you can draw it out by having a second cup of coffee, ordering a dessert, or just by continuing the conversation. You will get to know each other and talk one-on-one.

Keep in mind: make sure you have lots to talk about. Think of some questions you want to ask and potential topics of conversation before the date. It also helps to read up on what’s happening in the news.

5. Go to a $2 Theatre

Cost: less than $5

Why it is a good date: Some theatres specialize in showing movies that have recently left the box office or come out on video, that is why they are so cheap. If you are on the shy side a movie is good because there is no pressure for conversation. By the time the movie is over you will have loosened up and be feeling more comfortable. Follow the movie with a stroll in the park to get to know each other.

6. Have a Picnic

Cost: less than $20 (salad, baguette, deli meats, cheese, fruits) + wine (optional)

Why it is a good date: with a picnic you can show your creative, romantic side. You could plan a walk through the park that brings you both to your suprise picnic, you can have a picnic in your back yard, on the roof of an old barn, in a field. A picnic also gives you both quality time to get to know each other and talk.

7. Go Sliding

Cost: free

Why it is a good date: this one is free and fun. You get to laugh, tumble around, act goofy and snuggle close if you share a sled.

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