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What Men Want for Christmas

To help out all the women who have men to shop for this Christmas, we have let the male visitors to this site tell us what they want for Christmas!

Their responses are below (all sex related requests have been removed).

  • A nice shirt that a girl who is attracted to me wants me to wear. (Wei, 18)
  • The perfect gift for me from a girl would be a nice dinner followed by a movie on the couch. Just relaxing with her all night. (Fernando, 17)
  • A new helmet for my snowboard competitions. (anonymous)
  • Whatever it is, I want it electronic and shiny, with lots of buttons and lights. (Todd, 25)
  • A toolbox filled with tools and some pots for cooking. -anonymous)
  • Anything from the Filson catalog. My girlfriend gave me a Filson coat two years ago and presented it to me by wearing it over lingerie I’d gotten her a year before. I can’t smell her perfume on the collar anymore but every time I put it on I think of that morning. (Kevin, 26)
  • Tools always come in handy. Any ‘home-entertainment’ electronic stuff, movies, music, a good book, a cool shirt, tasty expensive snacks, homemade lasagna. Homemade Christmas cookies (with frosting), back rub. (Ken, 31)
  • What I would most love to have for Christmas is a couple of new suits. I love to dress up and show off the love of my life. My favorite color of suit is blue. My second favorite color is grey. (Abraham, 39)
  • For a girl to cook me a totally made from scratch meal. Including candle light, flowers (or a small gift), and surprise me with all of that. None of my previous girlfriends could even cook. (Arthur, 20)
  • Nice book (anonymous)
  • I would love a family picture of my wife, and two children. Maybe an outdoor setting, not just a studio picture. Something I can put in my office or up in our house. (Brian, 35)
  • A talking doll that on my command says things like, “wow, you’re neat”, “I love you whatever you do”, “You’ve got what it takes”, “Man you turn me on”. (Aaron, 40)
  • All I want for Christmas is a good flashlight. One that is dependable enough to keep the light shining for the protection of my wife and kids and is able to last through those long power outages due to summer thunderstorms or hurricanes. (Joe, 26)
  • A good book on love and romance. (anonymous)
  • A romantic holiday for two, near the beach. No mobile phones or other distractions. Just the two of us together. (Harry, 24)
  • Guys like cologne, and most of the time it smells good to us. Plus if you pick it out we don’t have to worry about you not liking it. (Mike)
  • I simply want my wife to say to me “I love you”. I have NEVER been unfaithful to her. But for nearly a year she hasn’t been able to say “I love you” to me. So it is a strange Christmas wish but if there is a Santa out there maybe my wish will come true. (Bill, 38)
  • For Christmas I want: a full body massage with scented oils, a candlelit dinner with wine and preferably chicken or steak as the main course, followed by a sweet dessert. (Jeff, 33)
  • For my Christmas present I would like to be with my girlfriend Beccie. I would rent a few movies and cook her a nice candle light dinner. Then I would put on some good music and massage her back, shoulders and neck using a light almond oil with a romantic fragrance added. And then take a hot, relaxing bath together. This might sound like a present for her but I would rather make her happy than anything. (Matt, 18)
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