Romance Tip: Prepare Your Love a Bath

  • You are Invited
    For a really sensual bathing experience, send your love out for a bottle of champagne. While they are gone, write out a fancy invitation saying something like: “You are cordially invited to a candlelit bubble bath in your honor”. Then fill the tub with bubbles and set several lit candles around the tub area, maybe even put on some romantic music. Leave the invitation where they will see it, and be waiting in the bathroom with your sexiest outfit on and two champagne glasses. You can bathe your love or get in and bathe each other. Either way, it will make for a very special evening.
    – submitted by Erica | rated: 8.14/10
  • Strawberries and Champagne
    The most romantic night that I have ever spent with my boyfriend is when he cooked me a candle-lit meal followed by watching a sappy film together, that I had chosen. Then as I fell asleep on the sofa he ran a steaming bubble bath, covered the stairs and bathroom in candles, supplied strawberries and champagne and played our favourite songs. He then woke me up and carried me upstairs to the bath where we laid together feeding each other the strawberries and champagne before moving to the bedroom to have the most romantic sex ever.
    – submitted by Selina | rated: 9.57/10
  • The Ultimate Bubble Bath
    My wife loves bubble baths so I planned a special evening with just her and I. I purchased 60 of the smallest ballons I could find (handball size) and inflated them. Before inflating, I put an eye dropper of water in each balloon. This gives some weight to the balloons. I then filled the tub with hot water and added her favorite bubble bath soap. I then spread all 60 balloons over the top and called it the Ultimate Bubble Bath. She thought it was so cute and romantic, I didn’t think I would ever get her out of the tub. It was well worth it.
    – submitted by Eric | rated: 8.58/10
  • Pamper Her
    Does she take care of your home and children all day? The next time you arrive home from work get a bath ready for her and tell her you will watch the kids while she has some time to relax.
    – submitted by SK | rated: 9.71/10
  • Make it a Tradition
    My best friends adores baths, and her husband knows it…so he has a bubble bath ready for her every night when she gets home from work. We both think this is incredibly sweet!
    – submitted by Tara | rated: 8.17/10
  • Surprise Him
    At a time when you know he is coming home, place a line of small round candles leading from your front door all the way through the house to the bathroom. Turn off all other lights. In the bathroom, have candles everywhere. Place some rose petals throughout also. When he comes into the bathroom, you are in the bathtub with huge bubbles covering up everything with maybe just a spot of flesh showing. Have his favorite drink already made for him. Ask him to undress for you, very slowly. As he does this, let him know how much you appreciate him.
    – submitted by Syndi | rated: 9.41/10
  • The Bath that’s a Gift
    The day I wrote my last exam at University my husband knew I’d want to relax when I got home. So he had a bath ready for me and instead of filling it with bubbles he had almost 50 of those little plastic containers that vending machine toys come in (kinder egg containers can also be used). In each one he enclosed either a small gift (chocolate, lip balm, candy), a note for me, or a joke.
    – submitted by Holly | rated: 9.39/10
  • Message in a Bottle
    The next time your prepare a bath your sweetheart place a message in a bottle in the water. Have a note or loveletter ready, roll it up and insert it ito a bottle you can seal airtight.
    – submitted by Katie | rated: 6.60/10
  • Towel Warmer
    While your hunny is in the bath or shower, warm a towel in the dryer that they can use when they get out. If you don’t have a dryer you can heat your oven to 150 degrees, put the towel in a clean roasting pan and cover it with foil. Watch it closely so it doesn’t get too hot!
    – submitted by Brian | rated: 5.01/10
  • Try This…
    For an invigorating bath experience place 3 or 4 cups worth of rose petals in a blender that is half full of water. Blend the petals and water and you will end up with a mush. Place this in a hot bath and stir it around. It is absolutely amazing in smell, touch and feel… and it’s great to rub on each other.
    – submitted by JB | rated: 8.50/10

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