Spice Up Sex

Make Sex More Intimate

Do you feel like you’re missing out on the “love” when you “make love” to your partner? Has sex become something you ‘just do’, and lost the intimacy attached to it? Well, the tips I am going to give you will take sex waaaay beyond the “wham-bamm-thank-you-mamm” (or sir) variety and put the love back in.

  1. Compliment your Partner
  2. This includes compliments about your lover’s physical appearance as well as his or her technique.

    • Tell her how beautiful she is as you slowly kiss your way down her body.
    • Tell him how good it feels when he does something you like.

  3. The Right Kind of Touch
  4. I’ll never forget the time I was performing oral sex on my husband and he reached down and took my hand and held it. The instant connection I felt was like a spark of electricity between us.

    • Run your fingers through your partner’s hair while he or she is performing oral sex on you.
    • Caress and kiss your partner’s face while you slowly make love
    • Spend time just kissing and carressing each other before you make love

  5. Take a Bath Together First

  6. Learn the SecretHow to go down on a woman so she's begging for more!

    My husband and I often take baths together. It gives us a chance to talk and relax in each other’s arms prior to making love. The foreplay begins as we towel each other off…

  7. Prepare the Right Atmosphere
  8. Make the bed with soft, clean sheets, and pile up extra pillows. Create a CD of your favorite love songs and have it playing in the background, light candles, turn off the lights.

  9. Eye Contact
  10. When my husband and I are in the mood for very tender, loving, sex, we go extra slow and make eye contact the entire time. The connection we feel is incredible. There is also a great deal of trust involved here, letting go and knowing someone is watching you isn’t exactly comfortable at first. Getting to the point where you nolonger feel uncomfortable is one of the things that makes eye contact so intimate. By the way, I highly recommend eye contact during oral sex.

  11. Cuddle After Sex
  12. I think this one is a given. Women already know it…some men, however, don’t realize how much it means to a woman when her partner stays awake to cuddle after sex. Guys, when you make love to a woman she feels closer to you, when it is over she likes to revel in how wonderful she feels, and does this by talking and snuggling up with you.

  13. Undress Each Other
  14. Instead of going to bed naked, wear something sexy so your partner can undress you. This may not sound like a recipe for intimacy but I put it in here because when I go to bed in lingerie it causes my husband to slow down. The same is true for me when he comes to bed with boxers and a t-shirt on. When we’re both already naked we find ourselves rushing…and rushing is okay sometimes, but not everytime. Besides, men love seeing their partner in lingerie and I don’t know about the rest of the women, but I love peeling off a man’s shirt. :)

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Tracy Keirstead-Moore

Tracy is a freelance writer living in Florida. She has been married for 16 years.

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