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I once knew a salsa instructor in Spain who was scrawny with a jacked up grill, but women flocked to him. It wasn’t just the swivel hips. They stood around him, giggling to each other about how he was just so sensual. That is because he really paid attention to them. He noted a nice perfume and complimented new haircuts. When he spoke to a woman, he looked her in the eye, and he listened to what she said. He appreciated every detail that made a woman pleasing, and she appreciated him back.

You don’t have to be a Spanish dance instructor to make women melt, although it helps. Just take some cues from the guy. Before you can be a sensual lover, you have to be a sensual person, and that’s achieved in paying attention to the details. Stop and smell the roses, if you will.

Let’s say you are going to have a private dinner prepared for you by world-renowned chef Mario Batali. As you’re being served course after course of some of the finest cuisine in the world, are you going to just shovel it into your mouth in order to fill your stomach? Or are you going to savor each bite, taking in the artistry of the flavors? Option one may make you full, but you have not enjoyed the meal to its full potential.

This is all too often how men approach life, which is why they approach sex in the same manner. They know that getting off is nice, so that becomes the goal of the act. Much in the same way wolfing down Batali’s meal won’t allow you to appreciate the complex flavors, madly pumping your way through sex doesn’t allow you the full experience.

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The easiest way to correct this behavior is to slooooow doooown. This doesn’t mean that you should continue the same humping method, just slower. It means, slow everything down. Close your eyes, and take a deep breath through your nose. Notice what you smell. Maybe it’s nothing, or maybe something is cooking in the background, and you can pick out the faint smell of garlic. Now do this with your partner. Close your eyes, cutting off one sense heightens the other. Breathe her scent in. Note what you smell, and how it is unique to her. Run your finger tips along her skin. Feel how soft it is in comparison to yours. Now look her over. Really look her over. See how her body is different from any other woman’s body. Maybe she has a scar on her knee that you never noticed before. Using all your senses helps you to really appreciate your partner. The more you appreciate her, the more you can please her, and the better the sex is for both parties.

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