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12 Ways to Show Your Partner You Care

There are hundreds of articles and websites devoted to making sure that your partner knows that you love them. However, many of these articles are filled with trite expressions of love that seem clich餠when they’re overused. To really show your partner that you care, you need better guidelines and better advice. Here is some advice that you can actually use.

  1. Make coffee/tea in the morning
  2. When you’re both waking up in the morning, one of the first things on your minds is probably some sort of drink to get you going. One of the best ways to help get your days off to a great start is to make coffee for your girlfriend or wife. Without having to go to the lengths that breakfast in bed goes to, you will show that the first thing in the morning that you think of is her.

  3. Do a little cleaning
  4. After making coffee in the morning, why not straighten up a little before you head to the shower or to wherever you need to go? You don’t have to get out a scrub brush, but taking the time to throw the dishes in the dishwasher and scoop the litter pan can be helpful.

  5. Notice things that are missing
  6. One of the ways to really impress a woman is to do something without being asked. When you’ve running low on toilet paper, be sure to run out to get some. Running low on milk? Stop at the store on the way home. This shows that you are committed to making your lives run smoothly.

  7. Ask if there’s anything that you can do

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    Many women have mental lists of things that need to be done every day, but will only let you know about them when the list becomes too long. Instead of waiting for the argument that follows, why not ask if there’s anything you can do? It saves both of you time and makes a woman feel appreciated for the things that she has done in the past.

  9. Fill up the gas tank
  10. Something that you many guys might not think about is a woman’s car. Most women hate to fill up their gas tanks – especially when they’re heading to work or when it’s raining or snowing – so why not fill it up for her when you notice that it’s low? It’s simple and certainly something that will be appreciated.

  11. Write something
  12. You don’t need to be a professional writer in order to show a woman that you care about her. But when you’re giving her a card for some occasion, be sure to include your own words in it as well. Women sometimes like to save cards and will cherish the words that you wrote over anything else.

  13. Try to make day dates
  14. Because you’re both busy at work, you might want a little break from time to time. Why not make a date in the middle of your work days? Meet for lunch or for dinner once per month to break up your routines and remind each other that there is more to your lives than your paycheck.

  15. Get to know their friends
  16. A woman’s friends are a representation of the way that she is when you’re not around. If you want to understand her, try to get to know her friends. Your wife or girlfriend will appreciate the way that you show that you care about other important people in her life.

  17. Get to know her family
  18. Just like her friends, a woman’s family is the group of people that came long before you. Even if you’re not the best fit for their tastes, try to find some common ground that you can share.

  19. Ask if something’s wrong
  20. When you notice that something is different about your partner, don’t ignore it. Ask if anything is wrong and let her know that you are willing to listen to her and help her if you can.

  21. Remember anniversaries and birthdays
  22. There are plenty of calendar services that can remind you of important days, so there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be bringing an appropriate gift or bunch of flowers when she’s expecting it.

  23. Celebrate the everyday
  24. Realize that anniversaries and birthdays aren’t the only times that you can celebrate your relationship – why not surprise her with a short note or a small wildflower every now and then? Expense isn’t the point – it’s the expression that matters.

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