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Why Married People Should Date

One of the biggest complaints from men and women about their spouses is how much they have changed since they were first dating.

We tend to put our best foot forward during the courting ritual, doing our utmost to impress our dates. We try to be polite, courteous, caring, giving, sensitive, well groomed and well mannered. Then we get married (or engaged or move in together) and revert back to our old, self-centered, slovenly tendencies.

If you feel that your relationship may have lost some of its “spark,” ask yourself if you are acting the same way as when you went out on those first few dates.

Can you imagine how different our relationships would be if we always behaved as though we were still wooing our significant other? We would belch, complain, argue, curse, whine and nag much less. We would bathe, smile, caress, encourage, give, clean and communicate much more.

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If you desire to keep that newlywed spark, you should never stop dating and courting the one you love, even after you exchange your vows.

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Michael Webb

Michael Webb is the best-selling author of The Virtuoso Lover, 1000 Questions for Couples and 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets.

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