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The Importance of Little Things

“Sometimes when I consider what tremendous
consequences come from little things…
I am tempted to think…
There are no little things.”
-Bruce Barton-

Men, this is good news…you don’t have to do something big or extravagant to romance your partner. You don’t have to exert a lot of effort to make her happy. Even better news…your partner will be most fulfilled by the things you do that don’t require a lot of effort, planning, or money!

These things are called “little things”, and they can be a man’s best friend. “Little things” are just that…little and rather simple things that YOU do for HER. Despite the fact that they are “little” they mean so much to women and are crucial in ensuring that she be fulfilled in your relationship or marriage. And…when she’s happy you’re happy, so it’s a win win situation.

Author John Gray, addressed this in his book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus“: “…imagine that women have a love tank similar to the gas tank of a car. It needs to be filled over and over again. Doing many little things…is the secret for filling a woman’s lovetank. A women feels loved when her love tank is full”.

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Considering the importance of little things I’ve composed a list of my own ideas for men to express love and affection to their partners…and create romance. Go ahead, pick one right now and go try it on your partner. The results will be positive.

  • When she gets home from work, or wherever, ask her about her day and listen while she talks. Extra points if she complains about a bad day and you reply sympathetically and ask her to tell you more!
  • Tell her how beautiful she is
  • Give her a hug for no reason
  • Pick her a bouquet of wild flowers
  • Massage her back and/or feet after she’s had a hard day at work
  • Leave an “I love you” note for her to find
  • Call her from work (or where ever) to tell her you were thinking about her
  • When you are going to be late getting home or meeting her, call to tell her. It is very inconsiderate to make her wait without calling.
  • Say “I love you”… a lot
  • When someone calls for her (on the phone), and she isn’t home, neatly write her a message
  • Compliment her: the way she looks, her hair, her smile, her voice, her eyes, her sense of humor, her intelligence, something she has achieved, something she is proud of doing, etc.
  • Hold her hand in public
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