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Romantic Christmas Tree Ideas


Submitted by: Sunny

I have a small artificial Christmas tree that fits perfectly on the nightstand in my bedroom. I decorate it with tiny white lights (great mood lighting at night!) and hang 12 small pieces of paper that are rolled up and tied with a piece of gold ribbon. On each piece of paper I write a special message such as “one back rub” or “one long kiss” (you get the idea!).

My husband gets to take one message off the tree each night for the 12 nights before Christmas. I find that this is a great way to stay connected during the rush and stress of the season and reminds us to take a few moments to enjoy each other. You can get REAL creative with the messages and have a lot of fun redeeming them!!

This year I’ve included a couple small wrapped items for under the tree…a small bottle of oil and a scented candle are a couple of the things I’ve tucked under there. When my husband takes a message off the tree that says “pick a gift” he will have several to choose from.

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2. 1984

Submitted by: Tricia Shoup

My husband and I have been married for 17 years. He is a retired Navy man. The first year we were married, he was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. We desperately wanted to go home to Ohio for the holidays to be with family.

Needless to say, money was very tight, but I really wanted to buy him something special for our first xmas together. I decided to buy him a Christmas ornament.

It’s a typical round ball style ornament, that says “Our First Christmas Together 1984”. Each year since then, I have bought him a new Christmas ornament. Over the years, the ornaments have reflected what was going on in our lives or special interest to him. The birth of our daughters, his years in the military, to his love of golf.

After the tree is put up and the lights are on it, we begin the task of putting the ornaments on the tree. The first ornament is always that first one from 1984! Then we proceed to put the rest of the ornaments on the tree in the order in which he received them.

Someday the ornaments will be a testament for our children and grandchildren, of the love I have always had for my husband and our lives together.


Submitted by: Rhonda Tharpe

My boyfriend is a member of the Air Force Reserves who was deployed overseas for active military duty following the events of 9/11. Knowing we would not be able to share Christmas together, I purchased a small artificial tree and trimmed it with red lights, red, white and blue ornaments and garlands of blue and silver stars and placed another large silver star on top.

I covered the remaining areas of the tree with many small American Flags and covered the base with a stars and stripes fabric. I wrapped my boyfriend’s gifts with patriotic wrapping paper and placed them underneath the tree.

When the tree was completed, I took photographs and e-mailed them to him as well as including copies in his Christmas care package. Both the e-mail and a card in the care package told him the tree would stay up until he returned home

I also told him that every time I look at the tree I am reminded of how proud I am of him for being the kind of man to willingly serve his country so that we Americans can have the freedom to celebrate.

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