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Romantic Summer Fun

  1. Have a Picnic
  2. You could surprise your partner with this, or plan it together. Bring a blanket, finger foods (berries, raw vegetables with dip, chips, shrimp, pieces of fruit, etc.), a tape or CD player with batteries and romantic music, your favorite drinks and fly repellent. Great places for picnics are secluded fields, beaches at sunset, beside a lake or pond or under a tree. If you want to suprise your partner, set up the picnic ahead of time and ask your partner to go for a walk with you, make sure the walk leads to your picnic and let him or her discover your treat.

  3. Go Site Seeing in your Own City
  4. I live in a city where the “World Famous Reversing Falls” is located. I don’t know if it is really “World Famous” but all my life I’ve driven by it quite frequently…it wasn’t until two summers ago that I actually went and visited it from a tourist’s perspective. Something I’ve done in the past is to call the local tourist bureau and ask for ideas of places to go, they can be very helpful.

  5. Go Rollerblading Together
  6. If you don’t have your own rollerblades there are places where you can rent them by the hour. Call a sports store and inquire about this, they may know the number to call.

  7. Go Horse Back Riding
  8. Unless you know someone with horses you will probably have to go on a guided ride…you won’t get privacy but it is still fun.

  9. Spend a Weekend or a night at a cabin in the woods

  10. Learn the SecretHow to go down on a woman so she's begging for more!

    Depending on where you live there might be places that rent cabins by the night. The cabins usually have fireplaces, nearby lakes (to fish in, swim in or canoe in) and nature trails.

  11. Cook Dinner Together
  12. Yes, “together”. What a great way to bond, you can talk about your day, or anything for that matter, and even play with your food. Mix up some cake batter and lick it off each other’s fingers.

  13. Play Truth or Dare
  14. Not familiar with this game? You take turns asking each other: “Truth, Dare, Double Dare?”, the other person picks one. If they pick “truth” you get to ask one question that they have to answer, if they pick “dare” you dare them to do something, and double dare means that you both have to do whatever is chosen as a dare. This is only limited by your imagination, for extra creativity you can add consequences…if one of you won’t do the dare or answer the question then you suffer whatever (fun) consequence you’ve come up with ahead of time.

  15. Get a good book and read it together
  16. Try “Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul“, or any of the Chicken Soup books for that matter.

  17. Visit a nearby city for a day
  18. You could shop, sightsee or visit friends.

  19. Sleep under the Stars
  20. This means no tent or tarp over you head.

  21. Go Canoeing
  22. If you don’t have a canoe, many camp grounds will rent them out. Exploring islands is very fun!

  23. Have a Barbeque
  24. These are fun with a group of friends or you can have a private barbeque for two.

  25. Go to a uPick and pick Berries
  26. Then go home and make a pie.

  27. Fly a Kite

  29. Go Clam Digging

  31. Go for a Walk on a Nature Trail

  33. Go for a day long hike in the woods

  35. Go fishing

  37. Go to a private beach for the day

  39. Go Camping

  41. Have a Bonfire

  43. Go to a drive in movie

  45. Play a game (scrabble, cards, monopoly, etc.)

  47. Make Homemade Icecream

  49. Go Swimming at Night

  51. Meet during your lunchbreak at work and spend the time together

  53. Go to the Circus
  54. Go for walks together late at night
  55. Go to a park and lie down on the grass and talk
  56. Watch shooting stars in August (there are a lot of meteor showers during that month)

  58. Get up early and watch the sunrise
  59. Plant a garden
  60. Play miniature golf at a local amusement park or campground
  61. Go Apple Picking in the Country
  62. Sign-up to Take Cooking Lessons Together
  63. Take Dance Lessons
  64. Paint your bedroom
  65. Rearrange your bedroom
  66. Go Biking
  67. Give her a manicure/pedicure
  68. Use a telescope to stargaze

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