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Taking Your Date for a Ride!

Unless you live in an area where public transit is the norm there’s a
good chance that you will be using some sort of an automobile to pick up
and transport your date. Before you take your date for a ride read the
following guides to make certain you don’t give your date good reason to
make it a one way trip.

This isn’t just for the guys either, in the society we live in today
there’s no reason why the female can’t drive, especially if she did the
asking! Let’s face it, whichever gender does the asking, that’s the one
who does the driving and the paying. So for any of the old fashioned
people browsing this site you will do better to not get caught up in who
does what and just be clear about what makes you comfortable! Personally
I like the guy to drive since I have poor night vision and if I have
even one tiny cocktail it’s much safer to turn over the keys.
Okay, here’s some car etiquette, are you buckled up for the ride?

1. Automobile doors
It’s as simple as this, if you are driving your automobile then you open
the passenger door for your date first. That means from outside the car
folks. It’s like inviting someone to your home and saying, “Go ahead and
go in, I’ll be around in a minute.” Not the best impression and
certainly not one that makes the person you are trying to impress feel
very special.

Now, I don’t suggest that you unlock the door, open it and stand waiting
as they pull their legs into the auto and then you shut their door and
act all formal and stiff. What you do is walk over to their side of the
auto, unlock the door if you don’t have one of those remote un-locker
things, and open the door. Then if there is anything on the seat you can
whisk it away before you embarrass yourself trying to hide the remainder
of last week’s fries. After you’ve opened the door to their side you
leave them be and as they get into the car you walk around so no one
feels uncomfortable. The only exception to this is when a woman has a
long gown on and may need some help making sure that none of the
material is hanging out the side of the car.

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Note: I’ve said auto because once I was dating a cowboy who drove a big,
high, hard to get into flat bed truck. I could do a whole article on
getting in and out of weird vehicles but that’s another time. As he
opened the door for me to get in he thought it would be cute to help me
up by a little hand on my tushy. This did not endure me to him in the
least. Matter of fact if looks could kill he would be dead. So be
certain you are on your best behavior even if you’re driving a not so
great automobile.

2. Clean the inside and outside
This is another way to either make a great impression or turn someone
off forever. The best thing to do is take the old clunky, or the bright
shiny sports car to the car wash and do the outside and inside. Your
vehicle is a reflection of you. Put some air freshener in there and get
rid of the dog hair and you’ll have a better time on your date. I know
what you’re thinking, the person you’re dating should like you for who
you are and not how you care for your car or what you drive but listen,
you should clean your car for the sake of it anyway so why not do it for
them? By the way, people in general are less apt to judge you in
appearance or what you drive if you keep what you have clean and well
cared for.

3. Road rage and other noise.
You are on a date. Does it really matter if the other guy cut you off or
is slowing you down? It shouldn’t if you want to make a good impression
on your date. Leave the road rage and all the other noises to other
times. That means no cussing, no yelling, no big intakes of breath. Just
drive and date, you will feel better and have a better date. Lower blood
pressure too!

4. Ask and you may receive!
As far as the radio goes, it’s best to ask your date if they even want
it on. Then ask them what kind of music they would like to listen to, or
what their favorite radio station is and be so gracious as to listen to
their choice. Also, never smoke even in your own car unless you ask your
date if they smoke first. I say this because if your date doesn’t smoke
but you ask if you can, what can they say? They are trapped inside your
car, you are asking if they mind if you do something in your own
vehicle? If they have social savvy they may just say go ahead and hate
it every minute. Or they could say it’s gross and that they mind very
much if you smoke and that’s not a good beginning either. Best to leave
the smoking outside for the time being.

I’ve gone over the most pressing problems, from what to do about doors
to the basic things we may forget and I hope this will help you next
time you ask someone out. Remember for etiquette and for relationships,
it’s about making the other person feel special. Wash your car, watch
your mouth and ask the questions. Easy huh? Get moving and in the long
and bumpy road of dating may you always have a pleasant drive!

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