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Web: Makes Planning for Valentine’s Day Easier with their Valentine’s Day Romance Guide
Everything You Need to Make this Valentine’s Day a Hit!
January 13, 2009 — Couples looking for romantic ideas that won’t break the bank on February 14th can find dozens of tips in’s Valentine’s Day Romance Guide.

“Valentine’s Day is about showing your partner they are loved, appreciated and cherished, and you can do that without spending a cent”, says Sara Reed, founder of “Many of the typical Valentine’s Day gestures are so cliché they aren’t even romantic”, says Reed. Sorry guys and gals, anyone can grab a box of chocolates off the shelf, stop by the flower shop and nab a dozen roses on their way home from work and take their valentine to a restaurant for dinner – you can do better than that!

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Reed urges couples to be creative on Valentine’s Day and express their love and gratitude in a more personalized way.

  • Try hand-picked flowers or a single rose rather than a dozen roses; a poll at found that 84% prefer this simpler gesture over a dozen roses.
  • Write your sweetheart a love letter or love note; in another poll this won out hands down over more extravagant gestures.
  • Cook your spouse their favourite meal and eat together over candlelight; the gift of time is priceless.
  • Pamper your valentine; try a relaxing bubble bath, massage and their favourite movie.

The Valentine’s Day Guide will walk you step by step through each of these ideas and many more. Visit today at For more information, contact Sara Reed at press [at] getromantic [.] com.

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