Spice Up Sex

Use Red Light Bulbs

Replace the boring white light bulbs in your bedroom lamp and put in some red light bulbs instead.

You can get the red light bulbs in any hardware store. And believe me red light makes you look young, and thin – you have no lines or wrinkles, I’m sure that’s why they have the red light districts.

When your mate turns on the lamp and sees the red light and says, “What is this?” You tell them, that red is the color of love and I wanted to fill the whole room with my love for you.

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Ellen Kreidman

Ellen Kreidman is the author of "Light Her Fire", a truly awesome book! Men, check out "Light Her Fire". As a teacher, author, and seminar speaker on relationships for over 18 years, Dr. Ellen Kreidman is dedicated to enriching people's lives and improving relationships around the world.

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