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Sexy Gifts For Couples!

Looking for a sexy gift you can both enjoy? Something a little naughty, but real nice. Then I have some awesome ideas for you! Now these are not your everyday hum-drum gifts. These gifts will allow you and your partner to share some quality intimate times together.

To start, lingerie is always a sexy gift to give your partner. Just be sure it’s a color she loves and a size that will fit her well. But, we can go well beyond lingerie for the exotic gift you both can enjoy. For instance, how about a romantic board game. There are several to choose from, but the one that stands out is the “Hearts are Wild Board Game”. It’s an erotic adventure for two! You and your partner will take turns rolling the dice. In the spirit of fun you perform different activities and answer intimate questions. You must collect as many Hearts are Wild game coupons as possible. This game comes with everything you need to start playing right away. You get the game board, 4 decks of cards, feather tickler, pina colada warming massage oil, cinnamon massage oil, blind fold, 2 pawns and 2 dice. It’s an intimate evening in a box – so to speak.

Or, how about a massage kit. The “Sensuous Lover Massage Kit” can be enjoyed by both sexes. Who wouldn’t appreciate a sensual massage done by their partner. This kit has everything you will need. A book that instructs you on how to give a massage, lightly scented massage oil, and a vibrator to help sooth away the aches and stresses of every day life. You’ll have great fun learning the techniques together, then trying them out on each other. And, I’m sure great fun is not the only thing that will result from giving each other a sensual massage. ;-)

Another fun gift you both can enjoy is a vibrator. Today there are thousands on the market to choose from. But, if you’re looking for one that would benefit both of you, then the “Hitachi Magic Wand” wins hands down. It was originally designed as a back and body massager, and it works great for that purpose. However, over the past twenty years or so it has become one of the most popular sex toys purchased by couples. This plug in the wall vibrator has actually been around for more then thirty years and has exceptionally strong vibrations. We love it because it easily stimulates myself and my husband and it’s a fun sex toy for both sexes.

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There are also a wide range of instructional and informative DVDs to choose from. These DVDs allow you and your partner to learn and explore new ideas for your love life. One such DVD is “The Erotic Guide To Sexual Fantasies For Lovers”. It has erotic scenes throughout the video, and you’ll see beautiful couples dramatize some of the most popular fantasy themes as sexuality experts answer all your questions. This is a fun and erotic way to learn how to make all of your fantasies become a reality together.

These are just a few of the fun, sexy gifts you can share with your partner. No matter what the occasion give each other the gift of intimacy. It’s the gift that will live on forever.

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