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I recently read a “Dear Abby” column in which a woman wrote in telling all readers about how she rekindled the romance in her marriage. Her relationship with her husband had been in a complete rut so she decided to try something that worked for another couple she knows. On a piece of paper she wrote 50 reasons why she appreciates her husband and another 50 reasons why she loves him. She said that when she gave him her list he was so touched that he practically cried. The woman ended by saying that her marriage has never been better.

This doesn’t mean that all relationship problems can be solved with a list as above, but I’d be willing to bet that at the route of a lot of marriage problems is lack of motivation caused by lack of appreciation. That is sad, but true. So many husbands and wives just don’t feel appreciated by their partners. They feel that everything they do is in vain, so who can blame them for feeling burnt out and emotionally exhausted.

Take a few minutes to think about this…do you think that your partner deserves some appreciation? What are some things they do that deserve some good ol’ praise and thanks?

Get out your pen and paper and start writing. Below are some ideas for things you can include that should never go unappreciated.

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  1. I love the way you smile at me when I come in the door.
  2. I love when you wake me up with a kiss
  3. I love when you hug me for no reason
  4. I love that you always ask me how my day was when I get home
  5. I love that you try so hard to get along with my family, even when they are being difficult
  6. I love when you approach me for a quickie
  7. I love making out with you in the middle of a movie
  8. I love watching you with our children, you are such an amazing father/mother
  9. I love watching you with other people, you are so kind and selfless
  10. I love that you always put the cap on the toothpaste just for me
  11. I love making love to you in the middle of the afternoon when the sun is shining
  12. I love when you give me our “secret wink” in public
  13. I love when you take my hand while walking beside me
  14. I love the way your eyes light up when you see me
  15. I love when you get playful
  16. I love feeling your strong arms around me at night as we fall asleep
  17. I love the contentment I feel just sitting with you while we eat breakfast
  18. I love the way your silky hair feels on my skin
  19. I love when you lay your head on my chest
  20. I love when you tell me how pretty I am
  21. I love when you tell me how safe you feel in my arms
  22. I love when you kiss my forehead
  23. I love when you introduce me as your beautiful wife
  24. I love when you introduce me as your gorgeous husband
  25. I love when you turn off the TV to spend time with me
  26. I love the way you listen so intently when I tell you about my day
  27. I love that you always notice when I get my hair cut
  28. I love that you always compliment me when I wear a new outfit
  29. I love that let me read the comics first on Saturday
  30. I love when you make love to me even though you are really tired and would prefer to sleep
  31. I love that you appreciate all the things I do
  32. I love that you never leave me by myself at a party
  33. I love that you love to cuddle
  34. I love when you greet me at the door in lingerie
  35. I love when you tease me
  36. I love when you make my favorite meal for supper, I feel so special
  37. I love that you always dry the dishes because you know I hate doing it
  38. I love that you never make me feel like a failure
  39. I love that you don’t tell me what to do or how to do it
  40. I love when you let me take charge and plan things
  41. I love when you take charge and plan things
  42. I love when you fill the car with gas so I won’t have to
  43. I love when you leave me lovenotes to find

  44. I love that you read relationship books for us
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