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Finding Time to Spend with Your Partner

Busy couples definitely need to learn ways to minimize time wasted so that they can turn “time wasted” into “time together”. Below are some suggestions of ways to free up time in your life so that you can spend it with your love.

  • Instead of you getting the groceries while your partner watches the kids, why not hire a babysitter and go shopping together. If you can’t afford a babysitter pay attention to the next tip…
  • If you know another couple with kids, take turns babysitting for each other for free. Try to do this once a month, they take your kids Friday night and you take theirs Saturday night.
  • If your kids are old enough, designate a specific night each week for each child to wash the dishes. This could save you 45 minutes! Spend that time with your husband or wife.
  • If you’re a busy couple that probably means you have lots of commitments, such as work, coaching soccer, taking the kids to extracurricular activities, volunteering, insert your commitments here. Well how about adding one to the list – the commitment to spend (at least) one night a week with your significant other. So just like Wednesday night might be book club night, pick a night of the week to be Date Night…and commit to it. :)
  • If you work within a reasonable distance of your love, spend your lunch break together once a week (or more often).
  • Do you spend a lot of time cleaning the house? If you enlist your partner to help you clean the bathroom, fold the laundry or wash the dishes with you, then you get the job done twice as fast and you can talk with your love while doing it. Cleaning may become time together with a purpose, not just a chore!
  • Set the alarm 15 minutes early in the morning. You won’t notice 15 minutes less of sleep, and you can spend the time cuddling or talking.
  • Shower with your partner in the morning. You save water and get to spend time together.
  • Cooking supper every night can definitely take a bite out of your free time. Why not cook twice or three times as much food as you will eat that night and freeze the rest. Pop it in the oven and you have a meal with almost no preparation time. And that means more time with your partner.
  • Drying dishes is unsantitary and a waste of time. After washing them, leave them to dry on their own overnight. Put them away in the morning, or after work. This could save you 20 minutes!

  • Send your love an email during your break at work to tell them about your day.
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Tracy Keirstead-Moore

Tracy is a freelance writer living in Florida. She has been married for 16 years.

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