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Keep the Romance Alive After Kids

When you first get married, the romance is there in your marriage full force. Every day feels like another piece of your honeymoon and you have plenty of time to spend with each other. Once you have kids, this becomes a whole different story, and life becomes more stressful and your have so many demands on your time in the form of children. It can be very difficult to keep the romance alive; however, it is important that you both take the time to work on it. Sure, it will take a bit of work, but the results of a wonderful marriage are well worth the effort involved.

Tip #1 – Establish a Date Night

In order to keep the romance alive between you, it is important that you schedule some time together when you do not have to worry about the kids. Whether you have family members take care of the kids or you hire a babysitter, having a date night once a week is a great way to keep the candle of romance burning. This allows you to have some time together when you can concentrate on each other and renewing the romance in your relationship.

Tip #2 – Communicate

Communication is essential if you want to keep the romance alive. Be sure that you are taking time to talk to each other. When you have children, it can be so easy to deal with parent activities and tasks, and it is all to easy to go through the day without even talking. Complimenting each other is an important part of communication too. Communicating together is what keeps a marriage strong, so be sure to make time for communication or you will never find the time.

Tip #3 – The Power of Touch

After you have children, often you are so busy and stressed out that the simple things are not remembered. Remember how after you were first married you never walked anywhere without holding hands, and you never left the house without a goodbye kiss. The simplest touches are so important to keeping romance alive within your marriage. Be sure to take time to enjoy holding hands, a long hug, or a simple kiss.

Tip #4 – Take Care of Yourself

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When kids are a part of the picture, it can be difficult to keep yourself looking great. Chances are you skip that gym routine, don’t spend as much time on your hair, and you are afraid to wear anything nice around the baby who continually is throwing food. While it can be a bit difficult and will take some effort, it is important that you take care of yourself if you want to keep the romance alive. Work to fit some workout time into your schedule and look your best as much as possible. Sure, you may not look like the blushing bride of 22, but you can still work on looking the very best you can right now.

By taking the above tips to heart and working at your relationship you should have great success in keeping the romance alive in your marriage even with a houseful of kids come along!

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