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The Easy Way to Pick a Gift

Christmas shopping for your significant other doesn’t have to be stressful, it can actually be quite fun if you know WHO you’re looking for. The best gifts are those that show you were thinking about the person when you bought it. So how can you tailor your gift to the person you’re giving it to?

Listen When they “Oooh and Ahhhh”

Anytime you are shopping or window shopping with this person pay attention to the things they take notice of…”wow, I’ve love to have one of those”, “mmmmm, these candles smell delicious”, or “That is a beautiful picture”. When your sweetheart comments on something he/she likes, take notice of what it is, where it is, and if it comes in a variety of shapes, sizes or scents, casually ask which they prefer. Stock these little hints in your memory or write them down so you will have them when needed. This is the most thoughtful way to give a gift, it shows that you were listening, that you pay attention and that you care.

Get to Really Know the Person

I think it’s safe to say that almost everyone has a passion of some sort. Find out what your partner’s passions are. Is he a Star Trek junky, does she love romance novels, does he collect beer mugs, is he a coffee lover? Knowing about the person you are buying for gives you somewhere to start. You can’t go wrong in buying a book lover a new book (just try to get something new so they haven’t already read it), or putting together an assortment of coffee for the coffee lover. It is also wise to find out what their favorite things are: color, chocolates, movies, CDs, scents, authors, etc. Knowing this comes in handy when gift shopping because you can get them something related to one of their favorites. A copy of their favorite movie, candles in their favorite scent, a book by their favorite author.

I leave you with this final thought: There is a big difference between giving someone a box of chocolates because “everyone likes chocolates”, and giving someone a box of specialty chocolates because you know they go nuts over that kind.

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