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Kiss of the Week

There is a little game I play with my wife. I call it the kiss of the week. Each Sunday I designate a certain place to be the “kissing spot” and it is there that I softly plant my lips when I want to let her know I appreciate something she has done or to simply let her know that I love her.

I once heard an elderly man describe the success of his 75 year blissful marriage to his wife. He attributed it to the fact that he told his wife daily that he loved her and kissed her at least twice each day.

I aim to follow his example and by having the kissing spot of the week, it helps me to make certain I am not forgetting to give my wife the daily kisses she deserves so much.

Some of the kissing spots have been: behind her left ear, between her eyes, the soft spot in the middle of her cheek and on the nape of her neck.

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It’s fun trying to decide where the next “spot” will be and my wife looks forward to the new kiss at the beginning of the week. I do not forego kissing her on the lips, but I do make a conscious effort to kiss her often on the “kissing spot.”

If your sweetheart hasn’t been getting the kisses he or she deserves, or you are looking for a way to be a more creative kisser, perhaps you too can implement the Kiss of the Week into your romantic lifestyle.

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