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Top 7 Gifts Men Love

Have you been thinking about the gifts men would love to have? Just ask your friends. They’ll tell you that it is really difficult to come up with gift ideas for men, but it won’t hurt to give something stylish like one of those pocket watches or pocket watch accessories.

Men Have Their Favorites, Too

When it comes to gifts, men have their favorites, too. But if it were your task to choose one gift for the boss, you’d be stumped for ideas. You’d want something he would be eternally grateful for, something that would earn remarks like: “Oh great! This is just the very thing I needed!” Well, your golf gifts or pocket watch accessories could elicit this response.

But men are not sentimental or mawkish when it comes to gifts. As long as they can use it, the gift is perfect. But for all you know, men have their favorite gifts such as:

  • power tools;
  • DIY kits;
  • a relaxing massage at the spa complete with a hot bath;
  • superb home cooked meals;
  • a ticket to the ballgames;
  • video games;
  • something he can show off.

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The moment a motorhead gets a tool set, you can expect him to start tinkering with his motorcycle. Or, if a voracious reader gets the book he likes, he’ll be leafing through it in no time. Gifts like watches, pocket watch accessories, wallets, and label makers are valued by men who love gizmos and fashionable knickknacks. As always, the gifts should be carefully selected to cater to personality and interests.

What Not to Give Men

Just watching the males in the family can clue you in to the gifts they love to hate. If you’ve been giving your brother the same pair of socks for Christmas or his birthday, expect the gifts piling up somewhere. Perhaps you’ve also seen those unused bottles of scents and unused T-shirts because these were either too small or too large.

Don’t give men gift certificates if they’re the type who forget where they placed their reading glasses or haven’t the time to shop; the gift certificates may be forgotten or misplaced.

Don’t give a man a poem, scrap books, pink sweaters, and tickets to piano recitals unless he likes the stuff. You might also think that just because you love Britney Spears he’ll go crazy over Spear’s latest CD. His taste will differ from yours, so be careful when deciding on a gourmet basket.

Gifts to Pamper the Man You Love

For the man you love, it is easier to drum up gift ideas. You know his fashion sense, his sports, his favorite TV shows, and movies. To appeal to his fashion sense, give him a pocket watch and pocket watch accessories and those stunning personalized cufflinks. For the love of his game, you can always give a poker set, golf accessories, or that NFL barware.

Gifts that show you care about their health and well-being are blockbusters when it comes to gifts for men. A heart exercise video for the physically inactive can start him on a healthier lifestyle. These are just subtle reminders that he has to take care of himself, too.

Gifts for your man will always vary according to his shifting interests. Give him what he needs to look and feel better and to keep himself occupied. He’ll love everything you give him, fro pocket watch accessories to cool leather gadgets.

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