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Great Gifts to Give a Woman

Relaxation Basket

Men, this is the most popular gift, almost every female we talked to (if not every female) suggested this. Put together a “Relaxation Basket” for her. Include things like bubble bath, a bath pillow (waterproof pillow for the bathtub), candles, body lotion, a CD of relaxing music (some stores sell music specifically for creating different moods), a good book and gift certificates for professional massages, manicures, facials and pedicures. Every woman is unique, add your own ideas, maybe you know of some other things your wife or girlfriend uses to relax: like chocolate, or a good movie. Wrap all of these together in a basket or fancy box, it is a wonderful way to show that you care and understand that her life can be so stressful! By the way, this a great gift idea to get any woman…your mother especially!

Dinner for Two, On You

Make a homemade coupon for a romantic dinner for two at her favorite restaurant. Be sure to treat her like a lady all night: open doors, compliment her, open her car door first, bring a rose when you pick her up.

Candles and a Candle Holder

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All but one of the women we spoke with suggested a really nice scented candle and candle holder. A nice candle will cost about $6-10 and the candle holder varies in price depending on your taste. Choose a candle with a really yummy scent, and we guarantee you can’t go wrong with this!

Gourmet Treats

If she has a sweet tooth you can’t go wrong with something decadent…chocolate dipped strawberries, gourmet cupcakes, cake pops are really popular! These days you can buy many gourmet edible gifts online.


If you’re not sure what she likes to read, buy her something off the best-sellers list, or ask the employees at the bookstore what they recommend.

Bath Time Accessories

Does she enjoy taking baths? Why not get her some scented soaps, bubble baths, candles and a body sponge? You can put everything together in a basket, wrap it in cellophane or paper and tie it with a bow.

Personalized Calendar

Make a personalized calender for her. Fill each month with your own pictures, make special calender dates stand out (her birthday, your anniversary, the anniversary of the day you met, etc), you can even make up your own special days like a weekend getaway and a day to devote to her, and only her.

Gift Certificates for Weekends Away

The husband of one of our friends gives his wife homemade gift certificates for nights or weekends at ‘Bed and Breakfasts’. She loves B&B’s, so he takes her there when she needs a weekend to relax.

Scrapbook of Memories

Put together a “Scapbook of Memories”. This takes a lot of work, so I suggest starting early. Collect things like movie stubs from movies you’ve taken her to, pictures, postcards from your vacation spots, little poems, type out the words to “your song”, loveletters you’ve sent her or she’s sent you, emails, something from the beginning of your relationship, anything that has a special memory behind it. Nicely arrange everything you gather in a photo album. Include an introduction page, with a little message for her and the date.

Sentimental Painting

Last year one woman’s husband found a painting of the place where they had their first kiss, he had it framed and gave it to her for Christmas. It had a lot of sentimental value to both of them…what a great idea! If you can’t find a painting, take a picture and have an artist paint it for you…or just frame the picture.

A Journal

If she likes to write, get her an elegant journal.

Engraved Jewlery

Buy a keychain, braclet or necklace pendant, and have it engraved. The engraving could be: “_______ loves ______”, “I love you”, or something meaningful between yourselves. What a great reminder of your love that will be with her all day.

Personalized Love Story

Write her a lovestory with you two as the main characters…then have it bound and made into a simple book.

Subscription to her Favorite Magazine

She would probably love a subscription of her favorite magazine.

Photo Collage

Buy one of those large picture frames that has smaller spaces for a collection of pictures. Then gather a bunch of your nicest pictures together, and arrange them in the frame. You could even take this one step farther and get a personal engraving on the bottom of the frame.

Homemade Christmas Stocking

Buy some material and sew her a stocking, then fill it with small, individually wrapped presents.

Personalized Stationary

If you are in a long distance relationship and write letters to each other, why not have some personalized stationary made for her (note paper, envelopes). Include some stamps and a writing pen.

Collector’s Item

Does she have a special collection, like miniature teapots, or antique clocks? Get her something to add to her collection. Search around at flea market and yard sales, the more unique the better.

Dance Lessons

Sign up for dance lessons together (has she ever said “I’de love to learn how to ballroom dance” or “I wish I knew how to do such and such a dance”?). Women like when the men they are with want to spend time with them, and this is a way of ensuring that you will be spending time with her every week.

Christmas Tree Ornament

How about a Christmas tree ornament to celebrate your relationship. You can get some for marriage and others with little figurine couples on them and the year.

Christmas Tree

If you will be spending Christmas together in a hotel or cabin, surprise her by calling ahead of time and arranging to have a Christmas tree in the room, and secretly pack tree lights and decorations. When you arrive you can decorate the tree together. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree.

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