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Give the Gift that Grows and Grows

It is popular and traditional to give flowers to the one you love. They’re romantic, beautiful and smell nice. Then they die, turn ugly and begin to smell not so lovely and must be tossed in the trash.

Why not consider giving a gift that is attractive and smells lovely and will continue to do so for months, even years?

A plant or tree not only makes a perfect gift, it continues to delight year after year. For an anniversary, landmark birthday or perhaps to celebrate a birth of a child, a young tree could be planted and you could watch it stretch its branches toward the sky as you grow older and deeper in love.

For other special occasions or for those who do not have space for a tree, a houseplant such as an African Violet would bring warmth and delight to any house.

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Plants not only bring beauty into a home, they also help purify the air and many people find tending their plants to be therapeutic.

Beauty your home and your relationship at the same time as you watch your gift grow and grow.

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