Valentine's Day Romance

Guys – Here’s a Plan for Valentine’s Day

OK I have a confession to make to you. I have to admit that Valentine’s Day has this way of sneaking up on me every year. So THIS YEAR, I’m going to be intentional about giving you ENOUGH TIME to prepare for this the most infamous of holidays – at least as far as your relationships with women go.

Now sure, you know that deep down I’d love to join in the chorus of “macho” pickup and seduction experts that suggest you “just say no” to Valentine’s Day and just tell the chick(s) you’re seeing that you don’t “celebrate” it.

Man, would I love to join that chorus.

After all, like I’ve shared in the past (as in, say, maybe a little under a year ago?) this is yet another holiday that appears to have been relegated to little more than a marketing bonanza for the diamond industry. And this no sooner than you swallowed hard and paid the credit card bill from Christmas.

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But this time, I’ve done some thinking. And I’m all but sure that The Leading Man would rather take back Valentine’s Day in a brazen coup than surrender it to commercialism and God forbid “Mr. Nice Guy”.

That’s right, instead of whining about how Valentine’s Day forces us guys to “put a woman on a pedestal” or something, I exhort you to MAKE YOUR OWN RULES this year.

Embrace Valentine’s Day, but make like Frank and do it YOUR WAY.

I say this because you, as a “Big Four” man, need to TAKE CHARGE and build the habit of creating romantic moments that melt women on a regular basis.

I say this because I’ve gotten a jolt of lightning recently that screamed out, “Wait a minute, stupid, every woman in North America is PRIMED-or make that HARD WIRED–to have her femininity ignited on February 14th.”

And I say this because, well, you really have no choice, buddy. Valentine’s Day falls on a SATURDAY this year. Oh snap.

Face it, a couple of years ago, when V-day was kind enough to fall on a Thursday, I laid out a step-by-step plan on how you could literally date six or seven women at once and make all of them thrilled with you over a four day period.

This year, you can tear up that game plan. Saturday night is THE night. And there won’t be any excuses.

This means several things.

First of all, if you have your sights set on one woman, it’s a no brainer. You make plans with her for the night of the 14th. And you go with the flow, enjoying the heck out of a nice romantic evening together with your favorite woman.

And if this describes you, you’ve been given a MASSIVE GIFT. You see, every single fancy restaurant and swanky dance club in your town is going to be BOOKED SOLID by a bunch of “Mr. Nice Guys” lining up to spend $$$ on that woman they are trying to impress.

If Valentine’s Day is on a Monday it’s crowded enough out there. But a Saturday? Are you kidding me?

This trumps even Valentine’s Day on a Friday. After all, were that the case you might be able to get away with planning something for Saturday with her instead. But it’s not like you can substitute Friday the 13th for Valentine’s Day and expect to get away with it. Bummer.

So you may be thinking you have to gut it out and fight the crowds for the sake of “tradition” or something. Forgettaboutit. Like I said, this is the year you’re going to TAKE CHARGE and MAKE YOUR OWN RULES. Instead of “celebrating” Valentine’s Day, start “celebrating” the woman in your life.

The year I met Emily, I did this to a certain degree by planning a BACKWARDS evening. That’s right. I took her dancing at 7pm, hours before the crowds arrived, and caught dinner at 10.30 or so, long after everyone else was finished eating. All she remembers nowadays are the memories themselves, not at what time they happened.

But really, I think you can be even more creative than that.

If you live somewhere reasonably warm this time of year (like Australia, for instance) why not take it outdoors? Have you ever planned a moonlight picnic? If not, do it. You’re only five days off from a full moon this year. Get away from other people and ignite that femininity in private.

And I don’t want any e-mails asking, “But Scot, how do I ignite femininity? What does that MEAN?” Moonlight + Picnic + Feminine Woman + Masculine Guy = Ignition. That’s all it takes.

And even if you live in the northern peninsula of Michigan (or even you, that one guy on my list who is somewhere in the friggin’ Yukon Territory), you can find a place indoors where it’s just YOU and HER and a bottle of red wine. Even if that’s at YOUR place, Cook For Your Date fans.

This year, YOU’RE going to make the rules. You’re going to take back Valentine’s Day and replace commercialism with the REAL meaning: ROMANCE. Just you, her, the moment, and the memory. Take charge, make a creative plan that bypasses the masses, and enjoy the ride.

But what if you’re dating more than one woman these days? Simple. Get out of town. Go on a weekend snowboarding trip to Sun Valley, ID. Send every woman a card and tell them you’ll spend some “quality time” with them when you get back. And yes, considering Valentine’s Day is on Saturday this year, I’m dead serious.

Finally, some of you are undoubtedly asking, “Well, what about me? I don’t even have a date for Valentine’s Day.” Well guess what? Your concern is NOTHING compared to the myriad of women out there who are SCARED STIFFLESS that Valentine’s Day is going to leave them dateless in its wake.

Women romanticize the living tofu out of February 14th. And this is GREAT NEWS for you. Why? Because this means you have a few days to get your act together and make a difference.

And without a doubt, the best place to get that job done is ONLINE.

Seriously, gentlemen. Every single woman with an online dating profile is EXTRA MOTIVATED about now to make some serious time with a great guy online. This guy needs to be YOU. But here it is, it’s like the lottery. You’ve got to PLAY to WIN.

Have you been considering online dating? If you have, then why not give it a try now…at what may be the perfect time of the year to see great success.

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Scot McKay

Scot McKay is a professional dating and relationship coach, author and podcast host. He founded X & Y Communications in San Antonio, TX, which focuses on equipping and empowering men and women who want to go from good to great in their relationships. Scot is now married to his wife Emily.

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