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Halloween has plenty of treats for the diehard romantic and mistletoe is a no-brainer. But what happens when your love life is in dire need of a boost, yet the calendar says that the next holiday isn’t for three months?

Don’t you fret. In this modern age of animated e-mail greeting cards, 24-hour flower delivery, and special interest groups creating their own holidays, Hallmark be damned, there’s bound to be an occasion worth celebrating right around the corner. (And if there’s not, then celebrate anyway!) Here are some tips to make romance possible any day of the year.

1. Create Your Own Holiday

Why does Hallmark get to decide when you can send flowers, give sappy cards, and feed your lover candy? Go them one better when you take out a sheet or two of scratch paper and create your very own holiday. But where to start? Look to your lover for inspiration, of course.

Perhaps your four-month anniversary is in the offing. Maybe tomorrow is exactly one hundred days until his birthday. Or it could be that she just came back from the dentist with a clean bill of dental health? Who cares about the occasion, it’s the celebration that matters!

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Use your laptop or pick up some poster board (you still remember where it is from your junior high school days, don’t you?) and create a sign or banner for your brand new holiday. Fold some construction paper in half and design a fancy greeting on the front, followed by some sentimental or romantic words inside. Wrap an inexpensive but thoughtful gift, and whip up or order a fancy dinner to celebrate the occasion.

Editor’s Note: How about “Happy Anniversary of the Day We Met!” with a message like: “It was meant to be, this day will go down in our history.” And some trinket related to how you met as the gift.2019. Don’t Forget the Little Guys

St. Patrick’s Day and the 4th of July aren’t the only holidays on the calendar these days. What about the “little” holidays? To find out what they are, subscribe to one of those free e-mail holiday reminders out there (you can’t miss em) or do an Internet search for “bizarre holidays” to discover one of the many sites that track down a holiday for (almost) every day of the year.

Check out something fun or funky to celebrate in the coming week, such as The Day Tissue Was Invented and go to town.

Buy a blank card and write a lovingly clever message inside, such as “If you ever left me they’d have to invent the world’s biggest tissue”, and present it with a themed gift, such as something sexy wrapped in tissue or a corkscrew sticking out of her favorite bottle of wine.

3. Happy Tuesday!

It’s a well-known fact that Mondays suck, Wednesdays are hump day, Thursday is Must See TV, TGIF starts the weekend, a quiet rock band named KISS taught us all that S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT spells Saturday night, and Sunday is for cuddling up with fancy coffee and a big, fat newspaper under the covers. But what about poor old Tuesday?

Wine for TwoAfter all, Monday’s long behind you and, if you think about it, come Tuesday night the rest of the week is all downhill. Why not celebrate? As an extra bonus, unlike Easter or Groundhog Day, Tuesday comes once a week. Every week! Why not create a new tradition by making every Tuesday just a little more memorable.

It doesn’t have to involve numerous shots of peach schnapps at some all-night bar, naked skydiving, or even dinner at a fancy restaurant. Instead, why not offer to pick up your lover and drive him to work on Tuesday morning. Even if it’s out of your way, it’s worth getting up a little early one day a week for the payoff after quitting time. When the five o’clock whistle blows, pick your lover up and have “date night” a little early in the week.

See an early movie and luxuriate by spreading (or making) out in a mostly-empty theater. Enjoy an early bird dinner and use the savings to splurge on a fancy coffee drink or a decadent dessert afterward. Become regulars at a cozy little bistro halfway between your apartments or right around the corner from home, if you’re lucky enough to be cohabiting.

Or just pick up a different nationality of take-out food on the way home from work each Tuesday night and enjoy it over candlelight and appropriate mood music. Don’t wait for Friday to show your lover that they light up any night of the week.

4. Surprise!

If committing yourself to doing something special every Tuesday is a little too oppressive (shame, shame), then why not sneak up on your lover and surprise her when she least expects it. Morning, noon, or night, every day is a wonderful opportunity to find the romance in unexpected places.

For instance, why wait until after work to bring romance into your life? Be the early bird and sneak out of the house one morning for a surprise breakfast in bed. Sure, it may just be powdered donuts and a plastic container of orange juice form the 7-11 up the street, but what better way to face the day than with something sweet. (And we’re not just talking about the donuts).

If your average Sunday involves rearranging the battery drawer in your boxer shorts, set the alarm and head out for a day at the park or her favorite spa. Call in sick for each other one Monday morning and spend the day recuperating (that’s what they call it, right?) in bed. Or simply stay up late one Thursday night watching creepy stuff on the Sci-Fi channel and feeding each other popcorn.

No matter what you do, your lover will appreciate your thoughtfulness, as well as the surprise. Who knows, she might just up and surprise you tomorrow? Or the next day? Or, better yet, when you least expect it?

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