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5 YouTube Videos that Teach You How to Kiss

A few years ago we published a Step-by-Step Kissing Guide for Beginners. It’s now the most popular article on this website!

I get it, when you’re a ‘kissing virgin’ or new to kissing, it can be a point of anxiety. They don’t teach this stuff in school.

I want to help you feel more confident about making out. So I’ve scoured YouTube to find you the five best instructional kissing videos – with lots of kissing action so you can see what a real kiss looks like.

And these aren’t just for beginners – even seasoned kissers are sure to find some new tricks here!

1. 9 Secrets to a Sensual, Passionate and Unforgettable Kiss

Learn the SecretHow to go down on a woman so she's begging for more!

Adina explains 9 secrets and includes video of herself and her man demonstrating.

To see what a great kiss looks like this video may be all you need! Skip to 1:47 for the first kissing example.


2. How to French Kiss + Kissing Dos and Dont’s

A good step by step kissing video with lots of close up kissing shots.

If you like this video these two kissers have lots of other kissing videos to watch. Such as how to kiss his neck, how to kiss long and slow, how to kiss someone at school.


3. How to Kiss with Tongue

Another great french kissing video from a pair with lots of chemistry. This video is padded with lots of humor, which you might find annoying.


4. What to do With Your Hands While Kissing

A must watch!

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with your hands while kissing – this video is for you. Or even if you haven’t wondered, this video will give you lots of sensual ideas.


5. Kissing Tips from Guys

Seventeen Magazine asked these guys to share their kissing tips and advice.


I hope these kissing videos have you feeling more confident about your kissing skills. Now grab a hottie and start practicing!

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