Kissing Tips

Suave Kissing Tips

  1. Brush your hand down the side of your loved one’s face, as an excuse to place one finger under their chin…very barely touching them. Use only one finger and a featherlight touch to guide them to you for a most sensual kiss. Keep eye contact as you approach the kiss. While kissing your hand can slide to the back of their neck or wherever you choose. (submitted by Bishop)
  2. Take her face in your hands and kiss her face gently while working your way down to her neck. Gently lick her neck with the tip of your tongue. Then make your way back up the neck right under her chin. Once you make it over the chin, keep going till you end up right back where you started…her mouth. (submitted by Bryan)
  3. If she has long hair, try this move: Lift her hair off her neck with one hand. Then lean down and give her little kisses all over her neck and collar bone, go behind her neck and ears too. When you are done, let her hair fall, take her face in both hands and lay the deepest, most romantic kiss on her lips you can possibly conjure up. Now that’s heaven… (submitted by Angela)
  4. Try this to initiate a super romantic kiss: While looking into her eyes take your hand and run it through her hair starting just above her ear. Run your hand from the top of her ear and down around the back of her ear (keep your palm to her head) and under it. Basically running your fingers through her hair while circling her ear with your hand. Then as you come out from under her ear your hand will naturally come towards her lower jaw. Cup her face in your hand and pull her gently towards you for a kiss. This should all be a smooth movement. (submitted by Kelly)
  5. Take her in your arms, pull her closer by placing your hand on the small of her back, and kiss her neck. She will be stunned! (submitted by Tiffany)
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