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Wow Her With a Movie Star Kiss

OK guys, let’s talk about movie star kisses. Imagine you’re watching a romantic movie with your hunny and a kissing scene comes on.

Your girlfriend/wife is mesmerized by this perfect, romantic, passionate kiss – and maybe you think it was a great kiss as well.

The woman beside you is probably thinking at that same moment: “Wow, I’d love to be kissed like that!” and then she goes on to fantasize about it for the rest of the movie…then the next day while she drives to work…then later while she’s doing the dishes, etc., etc., etc.. Heck, she even recounts the kiss to her friends and they discuss it.

This is true! Right now I can remember a conversation with my best friend, she was telling me about this amazing kiss on “ER” the TV show. She described every minute detail of the kiss with total enthusiasm….and admitted that she would love to be kissed like that. Women do discuss these things, and without even saying it, there’s an understanding that we’d love to be kissed “like that” too.

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The best kissing partner I ever had was Curtis. What made him such an irresistable kisser was the fact that our kissing sessions always made me feel like I was the star of a romantic movie.

So, if you really want to wow your woman, kiss her like they do in movies and you’ll be her biggest fantasy come true!

Hot Tip…

Another fantastic way to tap into her fantasies is through romance novels. When she isn’t looking, thumb through one of her romance novels to a love scene…take mental notes and try some of those moves on her. Holy cow – now we’re talking!

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Alanna Brooks

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