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Learn How to Talk Dirty

Words are powerful in the boardroom, but they can be magical in the bedroom. If you are looking for ways to spice up your sex life, learn to turn him on the next time you get together with a little bit of dirty talk. Here are 5 tips for opening up a new chapter in the book of your lovemaking with him.

Tip #1: Set the tone for your encounter: Breaking into this new territory will be easier if you set the right ambience for your intimate encounter together. Try lighting some candles, buy a new piece of lingerie, or maybe put on some mood music. Of course, make sure that you choose a time and place where you will not have any interruptions and where nobody can hear your murmurs of pleasure.

Tip #2: Give him a little teaser: If you fear you might embarrass him the first time you try talking dirty, try working it slowly into your lovemaking the next time you get together. As things are starting to warm up, encourage what he is already doing by whispering passionately, ?I love it when you do that.” This will give him confidence about his prowess and also provide him with a teaser of what is to come.

Tip #3: Tell him what you want him to do to you: Once he confidently knows that you think he already has some great skills in bed, try dropping a hint during foreplay about what you want him to do. Something as simple as whispering, ?I would love it if you did [ fill in blank]” will do just fine. Say it with a surrendering tone that tells him you will soon be putty in his hands. Hint: to keep things moving, be sure to give him plenty of feedback along the way.

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Tip #4: Ask him what he wants you to do: For your next lovemaking session, ask him what he wants you to do to him. This will get him talking dirty, which should be one of your goals. Do not expect poetry from him (or yourself) and be sure not to make light of his words if he sounds awkward at first. Just like you, his ego in certain areas is fragile, so make sure to make him feel comfortable saying whatever comes to his mind.

Tip #5: Turn up the heat with new vocabulary: Now, it is time to turn up the heat by using words you would never dream of saying outside of the bedroom. There is no need to ?go XXX” here (unless you sense the mood is right for both of you). But, do start referring to each others? bodies and body parts in new and colorful ways. For example, instead of just telling him what you want him to do in general terms, be more specific. Describe what you desire in vivid detail, telling him step by step what you would like him to do, or what you want to do to him.

Talking dirty with you man in bed is one of those things that may sound awkward or even silly when you are not in the right kind of mood. But, once you get things going with your man, slipping in a bit of dirty talk will do wonders for your sex life. Soon, you may find that it becomes a regular part of your sex play.

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