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What Makes a Man Look Sexy?

Guys are you looking to impress the ladies with your Sex Appeal? Ladies do you know what gives a man Sex Appeal? Well as outlined in my book, how you look guys, what you wear and how you smell will play a big roll in whether or not you will succeed with the ladies. To show you what I mean I found this survey done by Cargo Magazine that proves that the ladies agree with what is written in my book. Who says so? Well, the Ladies of course!

Cargo Magazine surveyed 866 women on what makes a man look sexy. 58% of the women surveyed said the sexiest clothing a man can wear is tight blue jeans and a form fitting t-shirt. Now that’s one great visual! Also, 19% preferred their man in a stylish shirt and dress pants, while 17% said a shirt and tie works best for them. Gotta tell ya guys, the tight blue jeans and form fitting t-shirt pretty much does it for me. Although… A nice suit and tie works pretty good too!

What else did the survey find? You ask.

Okay – under those blue jeans, 48% of the ladies preferred boxer briefs, and 46% liked plain old boxers. And for those of you who like to be a bit more risqu鬠2% said their guy should wear nothing – no underwear at all – under those jeans. Ooh La La!

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What about how you smell? Well check this out. A full 77% of the women surveyed said most men wear way WAY too much cologne. While using a little is always best, using too much is a real turn-off. As the old commercial goes “a little dab will do ya”.

So while all the above is what the ladies like to see in their men, are you wondering what they feel you should never wear? Most women are not at all impressed with leather pants. A whopping 92% surveyed said NO leather pants on their guy. Other No-nos include No chest-barring shirts. No pleats in your pants. No comb-overs. (Well, duh!) No sandals. (hmmm) No socks that are to short.(lol) No pants that are to big. You know the ones that hang down past your crotch – definite NO-NO! And at the beach, don’t even think about wearing a brief bikini, or a thong. ( Okay right now I’m wondering what the heck you are suppose to wear – nothing? Actually… I’d go for that! ;-) )

Anyway guys, hope you wrote all this down, because this year the ladies want you to look “HOT! HOT! HOT!”.

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