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17 Sexy Ideas for Couples

  1. The day after a steamy night with your partner, send a rose to her at work or at home with a note that says something along the lines of: “Last night was extraordinary/really special. I love you.” This is a “must do” after the first time you make love. (submitted by Monica)
  2. Hang a pair of your sexiest panties on his rear-view mirror. Or, if that is too risky, hang them on the outside doorknob just before he arrives home. Be waiting inside wearing whatever you like, but no panties. (submitted by Devin)
  3. Recreate your favorite movie love scene! My husband and I have watched a few movies with a scene where the guy is on the bed reading a book and the girl walks in, wearing lingerie, and holding wine and glasses. That probably never happens in ‘real life’, so I decided to make it happen. I bought him a book and told him to go to the bedroom and read it, then I entered wearing lingerie and holding wine and glasses. He loved it! scene! (submitted by Steph)
  4. Have a hands-free night. Touch and arouse your partner with your other body parts…your breasts, your hair, your nose, your mouth, your legs, your feet…. (submitted by Jen Ong)
  5. Seduce him over the phone. Ask him what he is wearing first, then describe what you are wearing and how good it feels on your skin. Then, ask him what he would want you to do if you were there. After he tells you, tell him how you would act out his secret fantasy, slowly and sensually, with lots of details! (submitted by Kasumi)
  6. Tonight while your love is getting ready for bed (brushing his teeth, washing his face, shaving), stand behind him and kiss his neck and shoulders until he finishes. Let him know how impatient you are getting waiting to make love. (submitted by Dora)
  7. Keep him thinking about you! Check out an erotic book from the library and pick out a steamy chapter. When you get home, call him at work on his voice mail (this is important!) and slowly read a paragraph from your chapter, stopping at a very interesting place. Then tell him you’ll call back with the rest of the story in an hour. Do this every hour. The last hour tell him you can’t wait for him to get home. He will leave meetings to check his voice mail! See if he doesn’t sprint home! (submitted by Still N LV)
  8. Put on your sexiest lingerie (I find corsets and stockings most effective) and then slip on a loose dress and high heels, so you look presentable to go out in public. Take an overcoat with you and go to his office unannounced and get to the Ladies room where you’ll remove the dress and put on the overcoat. Then find your lover and tell him you need to speak to him in private right away! When you get to his office, shut the door and remove the overcoat. Give him a few minutes to get over the shock and enjoy the view, then tell him you’ll be waiting for him at home (or at a local hotel lounge). Guaranteed to have him getting off work early, and you’ll have his undivided attention all night! (submitted by Still N LV)
  9. Put candles all around your room and scatter the petals of roses all over your bed. Then have your boyfriend or husband come to your bedroom with his eyes closed. Tell him to open his eyes when he gets to the room, and tell him you love him. My husband almost fell to the floor when he saw what I did! (submitted by Karley)
  10. Leave a note, for your lover, on the TV or remote control that says: “Turn me on instead”. (submitted by Jewel)
  11. Surprise your lover with a night of passion. Leave pieces of clothing (ending with your underwear), leading from the door to your bedroom. Have candles lit, music playing, and you laying seductively in the bed. (submitted by Donna)
  12. Set your alarm a half hour early tomorrow morning and spend the extra time fooling around. (submitted by Lina)
  13. When your spouse arrives home, greet him/her in lingerie or wearing nothing at all. (submitted by Chanie)
  14. Think of why you like certain parts of your love’s body. For each area, give them a quick kiss there, then whisper why you love that place on their body. Move up and down their body sprinkling them with kisses and sweet words. (submitted by Nora)
  15. On the inside of a blank card write: “You have been kidnapped”. Give the card to your love, but don’t let him/her ask any questions. Blindfold him/her and drive to a hotel where you have a prebooked suite waiting. Get the room ready beforehand with roses, champagne, glasses, romantic or sexy music, candles, bubble bath stuff, etc. Be sure to have everything packed that you will need for the weekend. Enjoy a sexy weekend together! (submitted by Sonja)
  16. Wake him/her up in the middle of the night with kisses whispering “I wanna make love to you”. (submitted by Kesha)
  17. When he’s going away for the weekend, write a sensual poem and slip it into his travel bag. It will give him something to think about while he’s gone and believe me, he’ll be anxious to come home to you. (submitted by Reva Dale)
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One thought on “17 Sexy Ideas for Couples

  • Great suggestions!

    One I might add is an online erotic truth or dare game. It allows a couple to explore fantasies that they might not be brave enough to “try out” without a little help.

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