Press Kit

Press Kit: Testimonials

Below is a small sample of the unsolicited comments visitors have sent us.

  • “This is a great site! There is something here for everyone and every occasion. This is a great central site to find the perfect gift, spice up your love life or tell someone how much you love them.” – Anonymous
  • “What a great website! With so many personal ad websites on the internet, it’s refreshing to see a website that helps people after they start a relationship!” – Michael
  • “This site has become invaluable to me, and I’m so happy that you guys are out there, ready to help! You are truly examples of what this world needs more of!” – ‘Falcon Knight’
  • “I like to send little loving notes and cards to my wife. Your site makes it easy. Thanks, folks for the effort and work you’ve done to make this such a tasteful and rewarding souce for inspiring some of our intimate moments.” – Mike

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  • “This is the best card site I have ever come across on the internet. So many choices and so many suggestions..It’s GREAT! I have told all my friends about this site..” – Faith
  • “I’ve never enjoyed a Website more than this one! Thank you for the beautiful contribution.” – Linda
  • “ is bookmarked so my husband will find it and get some inspiration!”

  • “I would like to thank you on all the great suggestions you gave me. They have made my girlfriend feel special which makes me feel good. Thank you again for the easy access to so many great ideas.” – Adan
  • “This is great, I can practically surf in your site forever! There is so much to do here. Keep it up!” – Meenah
  • “I think this was one of the best sites I’ve ever come across! So many handy hints and advice. I’ll bookmark it and come back now and then. Thanks!” – Jacqui
  • “I use your site a lot to send the virtual kisses and coupons and flowers and cards because they are fun to make, easy to do, and they are a good reminder to someone of how I feel about her.” – Brent
  • “My husband and I visit your site often. We spend a couple of hours a month here. Thanks for the great information you provide.” – Sandy
  • “Your site is like a breath of fresh air, when you are really in a position where you need ready info.” – Anna-Leah Reid
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