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Press Kit: Trends and Statistics regularly surveys and polls its visitors. The statistics below may be reprinted provided is credited as the source (the credit should look like this: “Source:”).

    Think you have to buy her a dozen roses in order to be romantic? Not so, a recent survey found that women actually prefer a single rose over a dozen. Count your credit card out when it comes to romance!

    Question: Which Do You Think is More Romantic?

    44% (376 votes) prefer handpicked flowers

    40% (345) prefer a single rose

    15% (130) prefer a dozen roses


    Learn the SecretHow to go down on a woman so she's begging for more!

    Think romance involves credit cards and elaborate planning? Not so, a whopping 46% of respondents to a recent survey rated cuddling as the most romantic gesture!

    Question: Which romantic gesture do you prefer?

    Cuddling: 46%

    Love Notes: 22%

    A Bubble Bath: 19%

    Flowers: 8%

    Something Extravagant: 3%


    Question: Men, should she offer to pay on a date?

    Yes, but I would decline the offer and pay 100%: 550 votes

    No: 368 votes

    Yes, and I’d let her help: 159 votes

    Not sure: 54 votes

    (Total Votes: 1131)


    Fill in the blank: I’d like more _________

    Oral sex: 48%

    Quickies: 16%

    Kissing: 37%


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