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Appreciate Your Love

Have you been taking advantage of our partner without even realizing it? Change that today with these eight ideas!

  1. When your love gets home at the end of the day go to the door and great them with a smile and hug. Tell them how glad you are to see them.
  2. Tell your mate you’ve missed him or her when they’ve been away. Juice it up with a comment about something specific that wasn’t the same without them.
  3. If you have kids, compliment an aspect of their parenting style that you admire.
  4. Are there certain chores your love always takes care of (ex. laundry, taking out the trash, shovelling the driveway, making your lunch)? A sincere “thank you” might be overdue if you’ve become so accustomed to this that you nolonger thank them.
  5. If your mate does something sweet or romantic tell them how good it made you feel.
  6. Always take notice of even the smallest things they do for you and thank them.
  7. Give your love a pamper break. Have a bubble bath waiting for them when they get home. Have their favorite magazine or book by the bathtub, play their favorite music, light candles, and offer to massage their shoulders (or scratch their back) while they tell you about their day. Make sure they know this is your way of thanking them for always _______ (mowing the lawn, cleaning out the rain gutters, picking the kids up at daycare).

  8. If your mate cooked supper, thank them and tell them how good it was.
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Alanna Brooks

Alanna is a freelance writer from Toronto, Canada. She is a regular contributer to and we love her honest, tell-it-like-it-is style!

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