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Revisit Your Wedding Vows

One of my good friends got married over the weekend in a small outdoor ceremony. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for a wedding. There’s just something about watching two people in love commit the rest of their lives to each other that fills me with a sense of hope and joy.

As I sat with my wife and our two children looking on as the bride and groom exchanged vows, I couldn’t help but wonder what married life would hold for the two of them? All of the many glorious times awaiting them, as well as the many hardships they will have to face and endure together.

Listening to the words recited reminded me of their true meaning and what the commitment of marriage is all about… “for better, for worse, until death do us part.” Powerful words indeed. How easy it is for us to loose sight of these words and their meaning when faced with trouble in a marriage, but how empowering these words can be when revisited – giving renewed strength and courage to continue on.

With tears in their eyes and in quiet voices, the couple exchanged rings. I glanced over at my wife – even more beautiful now then the day we were married, and thought back to our own wedding… how young we were. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, nor what blessings our union would bestow upon us.

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I thought of all the troubles we have faced and overcome in our years together, as well as the times of great joy and satisfaction. I recalled those times when I lost sight of the meaning of our wedding vows, and how thankful I was that at some point these words were remembered and reconfirmed in my own mind. Our marriage has been one heck of a ride to be sure, and in all honestly, I wouldn’t change one single day of it.

The bride and groom kissed, then turned towards their family and friends as the minister announced the couple to us all for the first time as man and wife. I reached over and took my wife’s hand in mine, giving it a slight squeeze, saying without words, “I remember.”

Perhaps from time to time we all should revisit our wedding vows – whether this be by attending a friend’s wedding or simply in quiet contemplation by ourselves. Hearing or even thinking about these words and their meaning can be very inspiring indeed. Remembering the commitment we’ve made to our partners and the reasons we made it, can help renew our spirit and strengthen the very foundation of our marriages.

Watching as the bride and groom made their way back down the aisle, I couldn’t help but smile thinking; the journey my wife and I embarked upon arm in arm fourteen years ago is really only just beginning… how wonderful and exciting that suddenly seems.

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T.W. Winslow

T.W. Winslow lives in the Pacific Northwest (USA), and writes a weekly column - Passing Thoughts, which is published on web sites, in electronic magazines and various print media around the world.

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