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No doubt we can all remember those early days of our romance when we were excited at the mere sight of our beloved. Just being in the same room was thrilling. Dates were planned with great enthusiasm. Tedious care was taken to organize all the details, making sure everything was just right. Oh, the beauty of new relationships! The excitement of beginnings! Everything is new; spring is in the air even if there’s snow on the ground.

After twenty-three years of marriage (yes, to the same man!), I am happy to share that a relationship can keep that magic. No, no, not in the same way. We have changed. And matured. We’ve watched and helped each other through some major storms in life. As well as some lovely high points.

What a delight to realize that what I’ve read so many times is true: Love after years of being together can be richer and deeper than during those first head-spinning days. Years into marriage, you can look in your loved one’s eyes and know that you know that you know that your love is stronger than ever.

But it doesn’t necessarily come easy. Nothing that meaningful or worthwhile ever does. Romance takes diligent work, time, and yes, sometimes sacrifice. Yet the rewards can warm our hearts every day of our lives.

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What are some ways we can keep that magic flowing.? The scope of this article doesn’t allow for a deep study. There are many excellent books out for that. We can, however, look at those little acts that keep romance alive. Let me share some with you. They just might inspire you and get some of your own ideas simmering!

  1. Have you ever opened your lunch bag and seen a love note tucked inside? Remember the rush of pleasure it gave you? It will give the same pleasure to your spouse. Sneak a little note into his/her lunch box or briefcase or desk drawer….
  2. One time I saw a movie in which the leading lady wrote her love a note on the bathroom mirror with lipstick. It sure had a positive effect on the male actor. I just had to try it. Hmmm…….just telling you that my husband’s reaction was the same….
  3. Take a walk together. Yes! Even if it’s raining! (I don’t know about walking in snow and ice. Living in Costa Rica, I forget what that’s like!) There’s something about walking together which inspires sharing. I’ve had some of the best conversations ever with my husband while we were taking a walk…..
  4. Write your spouse a letter. No, this is much different that idea number one above. This is a real letter, telling your husband/wife in great detail what you love and appreciate about him/her. This is powerful, friends! I still have the letter that my husband wrote me four years ago. It had such an impact on me that I quickly wrote him one back…..
  5. Laugh together. Find a humorous book, rent a silly movie, or just reminisce about a funny event. Laughing together is one of the most intimate things you can do (just make sure that you’re not making fun of the other person)…….

The above suggestions are certainly nothing earth-shattering or new. But every one of them will contribute to a loving, magical life together. So, why not grab one or two and put them to work! …Today.

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