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What Type of Romantic Is Your Sweatheart?

I had a conversation about romance with a male friend of mine last night. He was sharing with me that he prefers doing, and being the recipient of, “little things” when he is in a relationship. This as opposed to extravagant surprises and public declarations of love. It got me thinking about what romance means to me.

There are a lot of things that others find romantic but I consider corny and overdone…and then there are the things that give me that warm fuzzy feeling. How unfortunate it would be if my partner didn’t know what I liked best.

Do you know what you like best? The type of romantic gestures that you love to receive may seem silly to your partner, and the type that seem trivial and overstated to you could be exactly what your partner is craving.

This is something I highly recommend discussing with your partner. It could save you from welcoming him or her home with a room full of balloons when they’d much rather a smile and kiss.

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For those who like little things here’s a list of ideas to try.

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