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Date Night Ideas for Couples

Every couple should have a “date night”. This is one night out of the week that you spend together doing something fun and different. If you’re having trouble coming up with new ideas for your dates, or are interested in starting a date night tradition with your sweetie, then read on!

  1. Play Board Games
  2. Try for an overview of romantic and sensual games for couples. You could also go with traditional games such as Monopoly, Scrabble or Sorry. To add a romantic twist to Scrabble, modify it with the rule that all words you spell have to be on the topic of love and romance. For a huge selection of boardgames you can buy online check out!

  3. Cook Dinner Together
  4. If you’re looking for great recipes there are plenty of websites where you can search and then print out recipes to try together. We recommend, the recipes are easy to search, tested, and most include a picture.

  5. Movie Night

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    Cuddle up and watch a movie together. Don’t forget the snacks! If you live near a drive-in movie theatre this is a must.

  7. Have a Romantic Evening at Home
  8. Order take-out, indulge in a bath together with bubbles and candles, massage each other, make love.

  9. Go House Viewing
  10. Take a drive, or walk in a neighborhood you’de like to live in and pick out your favorite houses. On the weekends you might be able to visit open houses and tour homes that are for sale.

  11. Enjoy a Night Out On the Town
  12. Catch a movie or street festival, a dance, a play at the theatre or high school.

  13. Star Gazing
  14. Find a place away from the city lights to star gaze with your sweetie. Bring a blanket and bug repellent.

  15. Learn to Dance
  16. Sign up to take dance lessons once a week with your hunny.

  17. Go Dancing
  18. If you already know how to dance visit a nightclub that plays music you like and party like buddies.

  19. Learn Something
  20. Take a one-time class together. Call your local information office to find out if your city offers a fun, one-night class such as cooking, painting or pottery.

  21. Visit a Museum
  22. If a regular history museum screams “boring”, look into whether your city has an art museum or exhibit, a “Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum”, a wax museum, cultural museum, artifact museum, war museum or museum related to a major event from the past (ex. the Titanic museum).

  23. Play Together
  24. Go bowling, play pool, minigolf, iceskate or inline skating.

  25. Get to Know your City
  26. Visit an aquacultural or environmental tourist attraction in your city. Ideas: biodome, aquarium, planetarium, arbouritarium, botanical garden, etc.

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